Sacred Medicine Rites of Munay-Ki

The Munay-Ki are the nine great Rites of Initiation of the Medicine Way. The word munay means “I love you” or “BE AS THOU ART.” The Munay-Ki are the nine gates that heal us and transform our human energy field into that of homo luminous.

About Soul Retrieval – The Cliff Notes Version

THE SOUL, AS REFERRED TO IN SOUL RETRIEVAL, is the energetic essence of your being, including gifts, qualities, and aspects of who you are. It transcends physical experience. Pieces and parts of the soul essence can become separated, trapped, and lost.

About Soul Retrieval

SOUL RETRIEVAL IS DEAR TO MY HEART. It is a gentle, graceful, and profound healing practice. This information will better help you understand your soul retrieval. If you’d prefer to read a shorter version of this information in preparation for your soul retrieval, visit About Soul Retrieval -Cliff Notes Version . In the description that follows, I am using a shamanic framework to describe and clarify the nature and experience of the soul. This article will help you understand and possibly engage with the unseen world by presenting a framework that our conscious minds can understand. You don’t have to believe in or agree with this framework to have a soul retrieval.

Dancing the Power

IN A RECENT SHAMANIC JOURNEY, I set my intent to meet a new power animal. I was rather bemused when the power animal that came forward was a kangaroo. All the more so because it wanted me to dance it and I wasn’t too thrilled with the idea of bouncing up and down. My shamanic training includes dancing power animals, yet I tend to disregard that that method of achieving an altered state in favor of lying quietly and listening to a drum. But, according to this new guide, I was missing the full experience.

Messages from My Guides

In my newsletters, I include a message from my guides. The following is an archive of those messages. Some of the articles speak to a particular energy of that time; other messages are less specific.