The Energetically Sensitive Gal’s Guide to Dating

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This passion project is something I’ve been longing to create for a number of years.  I want so much to save women from some of the pitfalls of the dating experience that I tumbled into.  In addition, unlike conventional dating advice, this program incorporates the way I, and many of the women I work with, respond to soul connection as well as physical chemistry.  Just as the therapeutic model feel incomplete to be me because it ignoring soul healing in favor of treating everything psychologically, I feel a lot of dating advice is incomplete for those who live an engaged spiritual life and are looking for romantic love to enhance their life.

If you’re willing to buy now, knowing that I don’t have a firm release date but have already started recording the .mp3s, you can help me out with income for developing this program (thus speeding it along) and get it at a lower price point that of my completed programs of a similar scope.  Plus, I’ll get you early release modules, so you’ll have access to completed parts before the full release!

Bonus: I’ll do a Shamanic Journey for those who pre-order to help activate attraction of romantic partners who resonate on both the soul and human level.  Let me work with the guides to powerfully invite potentials to find you.  Journey will be done once the program is officially released.

The Energetically Sensitive Gal’s Guide to Dating

This program isn’t going to guarantee you find “the one”.  What it will teach you is how to sort for a beloved effectively, so you don’t spend too much time with underqualified suitors, suffer from a lack potentials with whom to explore, or abandon the quest all together because the emotional cost is so high.  It will teach you how to restore yourself quickly and effectively after a romantic disappointment.

Along the way we’ll do some cool inner work like dismantling disempowering myths like “they’re no good ones left” and heal old pain and trauma from past miserable relationships.  You don’t have to blindly trust others if you have high self-trust and strong discernment, both of which are learnable skills.  And, if there are parts of you blocking connection, we’ll do some gentle work with them to help them see that they don’t need to close the door to love in order to meet their need for safety.  In other words, your relationship with yourself will improve while seeking the joy of relating to another.

You’ll get a strong map for how to avoid the pitfall of falling for a beautiful soul inside an unsuitable partner.  Learn to overcome that addiction where the soul or chemistry connection is so strong, you just can’t quite bring yourself to stop reading or answering texts or checking their Facebook page even though you know only unhappiness and pain come out of doing so.  I can help you climb out of that trap sooner rather than later.  Learn to get your mind away from the analysis paralysis and into service of supporting your happiness in the area of relationships.

This program works with energetics, like learning to tune into each of your chakras so you don’t invest deeply in a relationship that has dealbreakers for one or more chakras and thus would never be a happy, sustainable dynamic.  And, of course, let’s use our manifestation magic in a focused way.

Plus, at a super practical level, learn trick, tips, and hacks for creating a steady flow of opportunities to meet new people.  I know a lot about how to make online dating an effective process and I’ll share my best wisdom.

This program is specifically for those who identify as women.  It’s meant to help people who are emotionally and/or energetically sensitive.  As someone who has primarily dated men, some of the wisdom will be more relevant for those who are heterosexual or heteroflexible.  But the inner work of relationship to self and how to thrive while dating applies regardless of orientation.  This program supports women who want to thrive while in the seeking/dating process, whether your end goal is a life partner, some joyful yet transitory connections, a polyamory dynamic, etc.

Format: .mp3 modules and some guided shamanic journeys

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