Heart Healing Journey

Receive the Heart Healing .mp3 described above plus a personal healing journey. If you’ve experience some form of heartbreak, this healing can speed up the recovery. I begin with passing the Shimmer Rite, to clear away the residual of any lower vibrational energy and to awaken this vibration in your heart. Then I work with the guides for specific healing. For example, for a break up, I gently cut cords with the other person and get any soul parts back that you might have given away. For a death, I help the soul of your loved one on his/her way and do healing work per the guide’s instruction. Perhaps the heartbreak has resulted in a loss of power or resonates to a past life wound and addressing that will speed up the recovery. Each healing will be individual to the person and situation. This healing can be used for a recent heartbreak or an old one that is still lingering.

Cost: $45.