Into the Mystic

November 15 – February 15

Be held through the winter season with weekly journeys for three months plus shamanic spaceholding for just $135.

As we move into the winter season, it’s a great time to go deep with your spiritual path.

In this offering, weekly journeys will help you to avoid the winter blues or energy stagnation.  Ideally the winter season is a time for going into stillness and introspection.  It’s a chance to replenish any energy deficits.  It’s a time for connecting with others or with oneself.  With our modern lives, we’ve gotten away from the cycles of rest and downtime that people embraced in places with winter weather.

In addition, I want to support you in connecting with your mystical nature.  It’s a powerful time to connect with intuition, guidance and to dream your world into being.

Be held for these three months and deepen into the mystical side of your nature.

Program includes:

  • Weekly shamanic journeys on your behalf
  • Guided journeys for your own exploration
  • Shamanic Spaceholding

Cost: $45/month

One time payment in full: $135

Sliding scale: $35/month


More on the group healing format: