Easing the Emotional Matrix

A Shamanic Journey Gift for my Patrons!

Thursday, August 23

Let the guides help clear, sooth, and support your emotional aspects in this shamanic healing journey for my patrons!

One of my soapboxes is about how poorly modern society deals with emotionality. We numb, we shame, we avoid, and we shift into mental body.  The emotional side of our nature often is only tended in a conscious way when the imbalance is creating huge disruption in life.  At the point emotions (or our numbing strategies to avoid emotionality) begin impinging upon our ability to function as adults and/or maintain healthy relationships, the intensity is often such that it seems to validate all of our fears about the pain of feeling what we’re feeling.

This healing is designed to help at the energetic level.  The emotional matrix can become inflamed from over-stimulation or frozen from too much energy trying to move through.  If we only move our emotions when they get intense, there is often a backlog of energy that can be hard to move through.  When the size of our emotional experiences exceeds the capacity of the emotional container, it’s scary.  In this work, the guides will help to clear the backlog of unprocessed emotional energies and sooth the emotional matrix.

If you’re already a Patron, there’s nothing you need to do to receive this healing.  If you’re not a Patron and would like this work, please sign up here: https://www.patreon.com/practicalshamanism

If you’ve been curious about my work, this is a great way to experience what I offer in my shamanic group activations and healings.

More on the group healing format: