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Often we think of abundance as the opposite of scarcity, but what if it’s actually “enough”?  I would offer that there’s a huge peace and expansiveness combined with clarity that comes with “enough,” both with having enough and being enough.

It’s worth noting that the instincts don’t have a reference for enough.  They just constantly seek more of whatever will enhance survival- food, money, safety, status, etc.  Lack of things needed for survival certainly will amplify the instincts.  Sadly, obtaining enough of what you need to sustain your physical well-being doesn’t, in and of itself, quiet the instincts.

Likewise, there’s a lot of money to be made in having people with enough constantly wanting more.  Many of us internalize messages that we need to strive harder or be more.  Even with a hobby that’s purely for the joy of the experience, many people struggle if they’re not “good” at it.  While having the ability to be all in with something is wonderful, it’s exhausting and unsustainable when that’s the only option for engaging in anything.

It’s not that striving is a bad thing, it’s just better as a choice among a number of choices for how to engage in a given aspect of life and it’s best when it’s applied in response to your contemporary circumstances, values, and desires.

In this healing, I’ll be working with the guides to clean up past pain and struggle around not having enough or feeling like you are enough, whether that experience happened in this lifetime or other lifetimes.  This work is designed to increase your ability to know when you’ve achieved enough.  This frees up life force energy to be utilized in engaging with the fullness of life.  Likewise, if there are areas where you don’t have enough of something, releasing the more pervasive feeling of “not enough” in all areas can help you focus your resourcefulness and energy on correcting the lack.

Embodying Enough

Cost: $36

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