Shamanic Intensive- 7 days, 7 journeys

Power, Inspiration, and Choice- Just $36

Begins Thursday, May 10 (note date change!)

Benefits include:

  • Restore and deepen your relationship to your personal power.
  • Expand your capacity for manifestation.
  • Strengthen your connection to your intuition and to divine inspiration. Get better at focusing these things on whatever life questions you wish.
  • Increase your capacity to perceive many choices and options in any given situation.
  • Amplify your ability to quickly tune into the most aligned, “needs met” choice and trust yourself to choose and choose again as needed.

Each day you’ll receive an .mp3 journey report with a description of energetic inteventions and healings as well as messages from the guides on this topic.  You can listen to the .mp3s in your own timing as you wish.  The program provides sacred space holding for the time of the work to help support and resource you in transformation around this topic.

Bring a new friend and you each get 25% off.

Sign up with a friend who hasn’t taken part in a 7 day, 7 journey offer and you each get 25% off.  Use the coupon code FRIEND.  Just let me know who joined with you.

Power, Inspiration, and Choice

Cost: $36


New to the 7 days, 7 journeys format?  Learn more here!