Shamanic Intensive- 7 days, 7 journeys

Destiny Retrieval- Begins October 24- Just $36

Align your Destiny Paths toward health, happiness, and up-to-date soul purpose.

My guides have shown me that before we incarnate, we set up our soul contracts and life intentions.  Then we put on the veils of separation and enter a world of free choice.  Sometimes we choose in alignment with our plan, other times we’re called a different direction.  It’s sort of like planning a trip to another country, reading the guided book and making a plan.  Some people like to do exactly what they plan, others are drawn to see what calls to them once they’ve arrived.

As I embark upon the adventure of a home and as we enter the depths of fall (a time for releasing the old and beginning to dream in the new), it’s a great time to put attention on our destiny paths.

This work will include:

  • Past life clean up- sometimes our future options are limited by vows or pain from the past.
  • Removal of paths not chosen in this lifetime
  • Amplification around a future of health, prosperity, and happiness
  • Updated soul contract work
  • Download of up-to-date soul purpose information
  • Strengthening of connection to your core soul vibration

This work is based on energetic interventions.  In addition, each day comes with a journey report that will teach you more about the topic and how you can engage more deeply with the healing offered.

Cost: $36

The Romantic Renewal- Date TBD- Stay Tuned- Just $36

I have a lot of success using vibration to magnetize in the right clients, friends, and helpers.  The one area that seems to yield mixed results is in dating.

If I’m honest with myself, some of that is mixed messages to the universe.  I long for deep, meaningful connection with dynamic sexual expression.  Yet, much of my (self-inflicted) suffering has come from trying to get those needs met in misaligned situations.  So, I also mistrust myself when under the influence of New Relationship Energy.  Pushing away flow is an unconscious aspect of self-protection.

In the absence of having my energy super clearly aligned in this complicated area, I look to mainstream models and systems, like online dating, that yield some success.  I’m convinced that like any mainstream cultural narrative, the ones around romance have elements of toxicity mixed in with that which is helpful.

I want to take deep counsel with the guides about what can be updated, healed, and shifted inside of me to create an easeful and dynamic flow around romantic connection.  I want to hear what their messages are around this journey and to receive more healing and clarity.  Care to join me?

Cost: $36