Shamanic Intensive- 7 days, 7 journeys

Shamanic Weight Loss- Just $36

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I love this double meaning because this healing is about approaching physical weight loss through shamanic means as well as lightening your energetic load.

I want to approach this topic gently because I adamantly disagree with and am sadden by the harm of cultural narratives that tell us how our bodies should look.  In this work, I aspire to clear any of those stories that you may have internalized about your value or worth.

For me, extra weight was a great way to help me manage my energetic sensitivity in the absence of a direct skill set for filtering other people’s energy.  It was also a way to move a little bit off from matching the most sexually objectified female embodiment. I wasn’t prepared to handle the sexual attention I received as a young woman.  But these legitimate needs of my late teens and early twenties are handled differently now, and carrying extra weight for self-protection in these areas is no longer needed.

In these 7 journeys, I want to clear and address whatever parts of me are working from the outdated information that carrying extra weight meets important needs and contributes to the ease and quality of my life.  Shamanic work is excellent for addressing and updating our covert, misguided self-care strategies that we often experience as self-sabotage.

Shamanic Weight Loss- 7 days, 7 journeys

Cost: $36

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What people say about the 7 days, 7 journeys experiences:

Katie’s seven days, seven journeys courses—and actually, whatever I do with her—always bring a fresh burst of energy and perspective into my life. I like this format because it gives me support and focus on a particular issue for a whole week at a price point that’s easily affordable.

Being a shamanic practitioner myself, I generally take care of my energetic and spiritual well-being myself with the help of my guides and spiritual helpers. However, in turbulent times when I felt incapable of fully accessing my power and my guides, Katie’s work in the form of 7 days, 7 journeys came in and proved to be extremely helpful. It just felt so good to be in somebody else’s “spiritual hands”, to be able to just let go and just be during those 7 days, knowing that Katie and her team of spirit guides are working on my behalf. By the end of the week I could feel my emotional and spiritual body become weaved back together into a place of wholeness, calm and trust, and from that place I was able to access once again my own power and engage open-heartedly in my relationships in both human and spiritual spheres.

From the more pragmatic point of view, I found the format of 7 days, 7 journeys very useful and practical, as you can basically go around your day doing what you do, while Katie’s shamanic work is happening and supporting you in the background.
-Sara Sajovec

Katie’s seven days seven journeys offerings are the perfect match between intensive work and not really knowing how to *get* that intense push because there’s so much life stuff going on! In an ideal world I’d put aside seven days to work through something by myself but, with work and everything, it’s just not feasible most of the time.

Because Katie is holding the space, the work is held strongly even when you have to head off to work for most of those seven days. I live in London, so we’re not focusing on the work at exactly the same moment, but the longer timeframe of Katie holding that space means that doesn’t matter at all. It feels like puzzle pieces slotting together: Katie’s work and the words she records for us, the healing and the work of the guides, and my own intention all slotting together in a beautiful harmony.

I worked as a shamanic and Reiki healer for 12 years so I’m pretty fussy about these things! Katie is one of the few people I trust to go to to support my own deep work when I need help. I’m so impressed by her group offerings. She’s as generous with her time and energy as she is in her one to one sessions, the journeys, recorded feedback for the group, and the extra resources give loads to work with during the week. So it’s no surprise I see results: the money intensive was the most impressive for me. I found a brand new (much better!) house to live in for less money than the one I was in at the time after *day one* of that intensive. And since then my financial situation and my job have improved enormously, as the healing and guidance I received gave me so much insight and helped me let go of a lot that was standing in my way.

These distance group healings are wisely put together and compassionately held. I recommend them highly to anyone who is ready to push through into change, and needs help doing it. Especially if you’re on a small budget….these things are a blissful bargain!
-Kay Gillard, London UK

Katie puts thoughtful and insightful comments into language that a beginner, an expert, or the curious can understand.  As another engineer who doesn’t believe responsible spirituality is inconsistent with robust science, I love that in this tradition, and with Katie, what is required is knowledgeable consent, not religious conversion.   I always find Katie insightful, helpful, acting with integrity.

One thing I love about the series as well as the group sessions is that the entry threshold is within reach of people who want help in a certain area, but have to be careful of their resources.. I cannot speak highly enough of her integrity, practicality, mastery of her craft and helpful insightfulness.

I couldn’t always listen to the journey report you sent straight away, but after you did a journey I would feel shifts and have awareness come up about different issues, and then I would listen to your report and realize that those were the shifts and awareness that the guides were bringing about through your work, as you mentioned the same insights that had come up in my mind. And not that I had any doubt, but this was just another way to verify that this work is 100% real and effective, and I could sense it on so many levels. The shifts have been subtle yet powerful, and you seem to understand my core struggles very well and thus this work has been very therapeutic for me.

I love how you can explain such complex and elusive concepts in a way that is easy to understand and absorb. My deepest gratitude to you and the guides for the love, care, guidance and healing you’ve brought to me and others.
-Sofia, United Kingdom