Shamanic Intensive- 1 week, 3 journeys

Three Shamanic Worlds- Just $33

Starts Thursday, February 20

Come into right relationship with and be supported by Lower World, Middle World, and Upper World!

Journey 1: Lower World– get aligned with the archetypal nature realm. Receive support from Power Animals.

Journey 2: Upper World– get aligned the realm of the soul and your higher-self. Get guidance from ascended masters and teachers.

Journey 3: Middle World– comb through the tangles of the energetics of middle world, the human realm. Clear out other people’s programs and energy.

Right relationship to the three shamanic worlds allow you to access your own wisdom and healing on many levels. Connect in sacred space with the World Tree.

Offer includes:

  • .mp3s of three shamanic journey reports
  • Energetic access to Sacred Space for one week

The format: This work is based on energetic interventions. In addition, each journey comes with a journey report that will teach you more about the topic and how you can engage more deeply with the healing offered.  Just sign up for the healing. I’ll connect you to the sacred space for the week and do the shamanic journeys during that time.  After each journey, I’ll send you an .mp3 report with details about the work.

Cost: $33


More on the Group Healing Format: