Shamanic Intensive- 1 week, 3 journeys

Activate Universal Laws for Money Manifestation- Just $33

Starts Thursday- October 17

Many people are familiar with the Law of Attraction.  However, speaking from an energetic perspective, if you want to keep the good that you manifest through law of attraction, you must also be in harmony with the Law of Vibration and the Law of Assimilation.  This journey works with all three.

Some of the challenges to manifesting enough money that I’ve seen with my clients include:

  • Feeling most called to expressions of human spirit- connection, beauty, experience. “Winning” at making money isn’t as compelling.
  • Making money in conventional ways, such as in corporate America, isn’t rewarding enough to be in full alignment, yet they haven’t quite dialed in pulling in money in unconventional ways that are outside the normal flow of the current system.
  • Some part of the soul feels like that part should just be handled in return for our service and gifts being shared with the world. Our souls remember past lives where we were part of a religious order and the community supported us in return for freely offering our spiritual and healing gifts.
  • Our energy is more in our upper chakras, so the chakras that most align with money flow are under-expressed.

Journey 1: Law of Vibration
Journey 2: Law of Attraction
Journey 3: Law of Assimilation

What this healing offers:
This work is an energetic intervention to help your energy body to interface with the world around you in a way that’s in alignment with how money flows well in the current system.

It supports you in having your energy body come more strongly into alignment with the law of attraction and vibration, without shifting who you are at your core level.  Furthermore, the guides and I will work on building energy structures within your field that support assimilation around money, so it has some place to land and stay.

Will this magical solve money issues?
I wish!  Right action and energetic alignment come together to shift results.  That being said, this work engages with the Universal Law of “as within, so without” or “as above, so below” meaning that as we shift the blueprint of energy inside ourselves, our circumstance seek to mirror those changes.  These healings offer extensive wisdom from the guides, so engaging with the .mp3s will give you lots of options, ideas, perspectives, and new information to work with this.

What if money isn’t really a concern in my life?
Yay for you!  This healing fundamentally deals with alignment of the material world in the way that best supports you.  If you have money abundance, you have a lot of leverage for aligning the material world externally.  That being said, you may enjoy the greater ease and elegance in results in the material world that come from of having your energy body more fully aligned in this area.

The format: This work is based on energetic interventions. In addition, each journey comes with a journey report that will teach you more about the topic and how you can engage more deeply with the healing offered.  Just sign up for the healing. I’ll connect you to the sacred space for the week and do the shamanic journeys during that time.  After each journey, I’ll send you an .mp3 report with details about the work.

Activate Universal Laws for Money Manifestation

Cost: $33


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