Shamanic Intensive- 1 week, 3 journeys

Past Life Cleanup- Just $33

Starts Tuesday, June 18

Past life healing frees us to live most vibrantly in the present.  On the physical level, this work clears weak spots that leave our bodies more vulnerable to illness and damage.  For example, the person who died painfully of consumption may find themselves more vulnerable to pneumonia in this lifetime.  Unhealed emotional trauma from past lives may arise in the form of disproportional emotional reactions.  For instance, we might find ourselves clinging to unhealthy relationships because we loved someone deeply in another life.  At a soul level, traumatic past life events or shocking outcomes may disrupt our flow and trust with the universe.

Journey 1: Past Life Healing of Physical Trauma
Journey 2: Past Life Healing of Emotional Trauma
Journey 3: Past Life Healing of Spiritual Trauma

The format: Just sign up for the healing. I’ll connect you to the sacred space for the week and do the shamanic journeys during that time.  After each journey, I’ll send you an .mp3 report with details about the work.

Past Life Cleanup

Cost: $33


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