Shamanic Intensive- 1 week, 3 journeys

Right Alignment with the Collective Consciousness- Just $33

Starts Thursday, March 7

This healing supports expression of soul purpose, navigating energetic sensitivity, and feeling safe and well.

Be held in sacred space for a week with a team of guides specifically supporting us around this topic.  Receive three shamanic healing journeys with .mp3 reports during that time.

Journey 1: Support to disengage with running the energy of collective anger, activation, and trigger through your personal matrix.  Also, receive healing and soothing for damage done by this energetic intensity.

Journey 2: Deep connection to places in nature and the human collective where all is well and life is thriving.

Journey 3: Reconnection to your vibrational soul purpose.  What is it that your soul wants to offer to humanity at an energetic level?  This journey invites you to reconnect with that knowledge and expression at an energetic level.  It help to realign your energy field to offer your unique gifts instead of matching frequency with collective outrage and intensity.

This offer includes:

  • Three shamanic healing journeys with .mp3 reports
  • One week of sacred space holding with team of spirit guides supporting us around this transformation.

Right Alignment with the Collective Consciousness

Cost: $33

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