Shamanic Intensive- 1 week, 3 journeys

Feel Safe, Be Well- Just $33

Starts Friday, January 24

Did you know the human brain is 2.5 times more disposed to think a stressful thought than a happy, peaceful one?  In addition, it’s estimated that the average person is thinking about the past or future 43% of the time.  Put these two together and we see the human experienced is often colored by the pain of the past and the fear of the future.

But there’s nothing to be gain (and a great deal to lose) by feeling subtly unsettled all the time. It damages our health; constant exposure to stress hormones is super hard on the body.  Plus, it takes us away from living a fulfilling and engaged life; our instincts are afraid of even the most life affirming changes.

I first offered this healing back in the fall of 2017 when I realized how much it was costing me to have “I feel unsafe” as the background soundtrack to my life.  Revisiting the topic just over two years later, I realize how infrequently that feeling plays in my heart and mind these days.  So, yes, it is possible to shift this experience and the work I did in the 2017 group offering was a pivotal part of that.

The way the human mind and instincts interact often makes us feel unsafe when the reality is that, collectively speaking, we’re experiencing hands down the highest levels of safety humans have ever enjoyed. Certainly, being alive, there’s never 100% safety.  I’m also aware that many of my clients have had earlier experience, especially in childhood, where they didn’t have enough safety to thrive; rather they survived. Yet, in our current lives, many of us have used our personal choices and resourcefulness to create a life with exceptionally high levels of safety.  Even when our circumstances provide all the actual safety we need to be well and thrive, we may feel afraid, vulnerable, and unsafe.

This healing is about going deep with the guides to help align how safe we *feel* with how safe we actually *are* so that we can have deeper peace and enjoyment of our daily lives.  And, if you are working with something that is scary and hard, reducing constant, ungrounded fear will help you to think clearly and access your intuition more fully as you navigate your situation.  I’d love to share this work with you!

Offer includes:

  • .mp3s of three shamanic journey reports
  • Energetic access to Sacred Space for one week

The format: This work is based on energetic interventions. In addition, each journey comes with a journey report that will teach you more about the topic and how you can engage more deeply with the healing offered.  Just sign up for the healing. I’ll connect you to the sacred space for the week and do the shamanic journeys during that time.  After each journey, I’ll send you an .mp3 report with details about the work.

Cost: $33


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