Shamanic Space Holding Intensive

Shamanic Space Holding Intensive
Begins November 1. Be held through the holidays!

Receive in depth and ongoing energetic support for the next three months.

This is offer is for those:

  • Dealing with a health challenge
  • Starting a new project or endeavor
  • Navigating a life change
  • Suffering from seasonal affect disorder or holiday blues
  • Wanting to accelerate personal growth and healing

With this program, you’ll be under the umbrella of the care of my shamanic team, placed within the sphere of my concern.

Program includes:

  • One Shamanic Healing session per month (3 total)
  • Weekly distance journey work including
    • Destiny Path support
    • Soul Note Illumination Healing
  • Ongoing shamanic spaceholding
  • Optional Facebook group

Group is limited to 7 people.  Art by Willow Arlenea

Cost: $195/month for three months
Prerequisite: Soul Retreival session with me

Monthly Payment: $195


Since the time I signed up to be under your Shamanic care last December (before my surgery) I felt such a positive difference in my life. Everything seemed to “flow” better for that time period and I felt much less stress and anxiety, and things just seemed to fall into place easily, it was just so lovely! My relationships also seemed to flow with more ease without me really trying to do anything differently. When that period of care ended, I could feel a difference, it was like my experience of life was a bit less shiny and cosy and something of that ease of flow was missing. It was as if you were protecting me on a spiritual level and I felt very supported, and I really enjoyed that sense of comfort.

Sofia, United Kingdom