by Katie Weatherup and Mara Clear Spring

When you are making changes in your life, the “hungry ghosts” of the past patterns, those old voices of habits in your head, try to keep you from changing; they don’t want to “die.” With Fire Ceremony you can give them to the fire and burn them out of your life.

The element of fire provides a fast, visible means of releasing and healing strong feelings and experiences. We can also use fire as the catalyst for turning over our prayers and dreams of manifestation to Spirit for fulfillment.

Fire ceremony allows you to transform strong emotion through the fire, instead of through your own emotional matrix, providing accelerated relief from painful emotions. It is a way of disrupting habitual self-abuse and self-criticism and inviting in accelerated change. The fire provides a direct energetic intervention that allows you to reprogram your energetic field and soul blueprint.

You will need the following supplies:

  • Epsom salts
  • 91% alcohol (lower percentages won’t burn properly)
  • A fire safe container such as a pie tin or ceramic dish
  • A trivet or other heat-resistant pad to fit between your container and the surface you set it upon.
  • Matches or lighter
  • A stick or twig – select one small enough to fit in your container. A piece of sage or small paper with your writing or drawings on it can be good alternatives to the stick. The item must be safe to burn.

Fire Ceremony to Release:

Open Sacred Space: You may call in the Four Directions, Earth and Sky if that is your preference, or pray, or whatever works for you to create a physical sense of safety and connection with higher energies. This detail sets the tone for the effectiveness of the ceremony.

Be Protected: Have a friend or one of your guides be “at your back” for you for this ceremony. You are revealing your deepest nature to shed your old skins and invite change, and at that moment you are vulnerable. Request this protective presence to cover your back for you.

Set Intent for your Ceremony: What do you wish to release today? What issues are you working with? Call up the feelings, the monkey-brain thoughts, worries, fears – whatever is occupying your energy.

Create your Fire Pit: Pour about ½” of Epsom salt into the fireproof container and set it on a heat resistant trivet or pad that will protect the surface below it. You can reuse this salt over and over, just crumble it should it form a crust.

Blow Into the Stick: By blowing on the stick we are sending energy away from our own energy fields and into the stick. Tell the Universe what you are releasing and then blow into the stick. For example:

  • “I release the hungry ghosts of my past.”
  • “I give up my fear of not having enough money.”
  • “I release the need to always be right.”
  • “I am blowing into this stick my fear of failure and of being alone.”

Blow and speak until you feel complete.

Also blow into the stick your desires and vision. Ask to fill the spaces within yourself that you are clearing with loving, higher vibration:

  • “I find myself wanting to eat foods that are really good for me.”
  • “I have financial freedom.”
  • “I attract loving people into my life.”
  • “I enjoy my successes.”

Make sure your requests are aligned with good energetic ethics, such as honoring the highest and best and free will of all concerned. Do not ask for another person to participate with you in a certain way, since this crosses a line into misuse of energy. For example, it’s okay to ask for a romantic relationship with a wonderful partner, but not to ask for a certain person to come into romantic relationship with you. It’s okay to ask to release the painful energy you are holding onto and for you to come into harmony with others. It’s not appropriate to request that others attitudes, actions or feelings change.

When you are ready, pour about 1/2 shot glass of 91% alcohol over the salt. Then light it with a match or lighter. (You can use a wooden match as your stick then use it to ignite the fire!) Never add more alcohol to a burning fire – the flame follows the vapor trail right to your hand and can hurt you or start a fire outside the container.

Drop the stick into the fire. Then brush your hands over the fire and toward you, as if you are scooping sand or water from a bowl. Bring the energy of the burned stick toward your belly. Draw again from the top of the flames and into your heart, then your throat, your third eye, and then into your crown. Always keep safe, watch for sleeves, hair, other items – be safe!

While you draw the changing energies into you, focus on thankfulness. Being in a state of gratitude facilitates quick and easy change as well as right relationship with the Divine.

Stay with the fire until it goes out. It could take five minutes; or it could take longer. We are letting the fire “do its business”” and there is no rushing it. Do not blow out or smother the fire. Let it burn out naturally. Then close sacred space by thanking the Four Directions, Earth and Sky.

©2010, Katie Weatherup and Mara Clear Spring. All rights reserved.