Josephine Wall artwork of woman with moon behind her profile.My shamanic practice is a calling as well as a livelihood. As such, I often find myself doing unpaid shamanic work such as helping souls cross over, land healing, and shamanic work for current events like tornados and fires. Sometimes I have less opportunity to put my focus in these areas because I’m dealing with the more direct, income producing activities of sessions, classes, and running my business.

Another passion of mine is to offer high quality shamanic information that is free or very affordable. For example, my free podcast. I want to support as many people as possible, regardless of financial means. While I charge for my sessions, I want to have as much content as possible available that will support people in their healing journey even if they don’t have the means to work with me one-on-one.

So, if you feel called, I welcome donations to support my work. The less I have to worry about paying my bills, the more energy is freed up to answer the “calling” part of my shamanic practice.  You can donate below or subscribe to me on Patreon:  With Patreon, you’ll get shamanic content in .mp3s and videos plus an amazing team of guides on your side for just $19/month!

If you’re looking for a more personal gift, my Etsy Favorites List has some things I love.  I also adore live theater.  The Old Globe has wonderful shows:–tickets/gift-certificates/