Soul Retrieval Follow-up Session

This optional session will help maximize the benefits of your Soul Retrieval session and activate new Destiny Paths!

My guides often tell me to wait until after a soul retrieval session to do work towards a life outcome, like a new job.  This is because new, improved possibilities become available as a result of the work.  In shamanic terms, we talk about new destiny paths opening up.

This is also a powerful time to update your soul purpose.  Life goes well when your human self and your soul self are both delighted with and aligned around the life you’re living.  More on that here:

Finally, if I get to work with someone shortly after a soul retrieval, I can reinforce all the positive shifts and changes.  This includes making sure the returned soul parts are settling in, plus checking on and amplifying healing changes that were made in the original session.

This session includes:

If this sounds like something you’d like to receive, just book a 60 minute shamanic healing session (or a 90 minute if you have additional questions or requests) at the normal price. Let me know in the notes that this is a soul retrieval follow up session.  For best results, I recommend doing this work 7-10 days after your soul retrieval session and this session must be completed within 30 days.   Book a session