$25 Healing Special

Clear Vows of Poverty and Heal the Root Chakra

Just $25
Tuesday, Nov 20, 6pm Pacific time

The program includes:

• A Shamanic Healing to clear past life vows of poverty plus healing for the root chakra
• An .mp3 with a guided shamanic journey for clearing vows of poverty and inviting abundance
• An .mp3 Guided shamanic journey for root chakra healing, which can also be used for healing for any chakra
• “How to manifest money and other good things with shamanism” .mp3 recording plus a guided shamanic journey.

Often those of us who are drawn to a spiritual path in this lifetime have walked that path in other lifetimes as well. I love the wisdom and knowingness that informs my healing work. In previous eras, walking a spiritual path meant renouncing a secular path. Members of many religious orders took vows of poverty. In this system, the larger community supported those devoting their lives to service, providing for their basic needs.

In modern times, we generally need to support ourselves financially along with engaging in our spiritual calling. Past life vows of poverty can disrupt our financial flow in this lifetime. It’s useful to renounce those vows and dismantle their organizing principle as it resides in our current energy field. I’d love to do this on your behalf!

Related to this is the well-being of the root chakra. Few major spiritual tradition actively support developing and sustain a vibrant, thriving root chakra. There’s a catch 22 that happens with money and the root chakra. The root chakra deals with matters of safety and security and basic survival needs. When our root chakra is impaired, it’s very difficult to be in right relationship with money. Yet, the more stressed we are about money, the more our survival fear is activated, thus impairing the health of the root chakra. So, in this healing, I work directly to support the health and radiance of the root chakra.

Cost: $25

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