$25 Healing Special

Ancestral Healing– Just $25

Tuesday, October 19, 4pm Pacific Time

Free Yourself and your Ancestors from Pain while Increasing their Support.

Ancestral healing work allows our ancestors to stand behind us in profound support. It also releases their decedents from energetic legacies of pain or unhealthy patterns.

In this healing I will work with your ancestors who have passed on. For any of your ancestors whose soul (or soul parts) remained earthbound, I’ll help them to return to their higher self in upper world. This work includes soul retrieval work for your ancestors who have passed on. In addition, I will work with the guides to clear unhelpful energies that have been passed down. This includes the spiritual aspects of any family health issues as well as dysfunctional patterns. Ancestral healing work provides a healing opportunity to everyone who is part of the lineage.
This work includes:
• A distance shamanic healing journey as described above.
• An .mp3 about Ancestors from a shamanic perspective
• A Guided Journey to send healing to your ancestors and release unhelpful legacies.
• A Guided Journey to invite your ancestors to support you.

The format: Just sign up for the healing. On the day of the healing, I’ll do the journey at the appointed time. You’re invited to come into stillness while the journey is happening, but it’s not required. After the journey, I’ll send you an .mp3 with details about the work.

Cost: $25

Click here to sign up for this healing ($25):