$25 Healing Special

The Internal Upgrade

Just $25
Tuesday, December 12, 5pm Pacific time

Embrace a policy of “Unconditional Friendliness” towards yourself.

One of the most painful things I see is the way we internalize shame and self-judgement. Often fundamentally good people say unkind things to themselves throughout the day. We’re most familiar with the psychological approach to healing this pain. I’m offering work the energetic level. My intent is to help to dismantle the energy of old shame and negative self-talk. I want to help resolve places where different parts of you have gotten into an adversarial relationship in an effort to meet different needs. Let me help you expand your unconditional friendliness towards yourself.

This work includes:
• A distance shamanic healing journey as described above.
• An .mp3 about Shadow work from a shamanic perspective with information about how to go deeper with this work.
• A Guided Journey to work with fully honoring all your aspects.

Cost: $25

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