$25 Healing Special

Set your Energetic Compass

Just $25
Tuesday, Sept 25, 6pm Pacific time

Coming to the other side of eclipses and retrogrades, it’s a great time to do this work!  In the video, I talk about the eclipse of 2017.  It’s relevant now, for many of the same reasons.

Modern people generally spend less time outdoors than our ancestors. As a result, we can become subtly out of sync with the movement of the stars and the magnetic field of the planet. In this healing the guides will help, not only to make sure you’re strongly connect above and below, but also that your energy body is in harmony with the contemporary configuration of heaven and earth.

Let me use the fire energy from the eclipse to burn away old skins and patterns. The guides want to connect us to the energetic support of our personal star: the sun. It is a source of enormous vitality and life force energy that we don’t always know how to use. This offer is designed to clear out old, stagnant energy and to revitalize the energy body, both the chakras and the more subtle meridians.

In additional to the shamanic healing, you’ll receive an .mp3 about how to update your harmony with the earth and sky on your own.

Cost: $25

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