$25 Healing Special

The Relationship Release

Just $25

Tuesday, July 18, 5:30pm Pacific time

Free your vitality and heart by banishing the ghosts of relationships past.

The program includes:

  • A Shamanic Healing to clear energy from past relationships, including bringing back soul parts that may have been left behind.
  • An .mp3 about cleaning up the energetic side of relationships after they end. Learn why it’s important and how to do this efficiently and effectively.
  • “Heart Healing” .mp3 with a guided journey to help you to speed recovery of your heart when a relationship ends.
  • An .mp3 with a guided shamanic journey for cleaning up the energetic aspects of relationships that have ended. This is a great journey to have tucked away for future needs.

As a shamanic practitioner, one of the public service announcements I’m most passionate about is: “When you break up with someone, don’t just return their physical belongs and change your relationship status on Facebook. Return and retrieve soul parts and dismantle the energetic pathways and ties between the two of you.” Energetic aspects of relationships from the past can hang around for decades.

I’d love to help with that. In this healing, I’ll clear old cords, ties, and energetic constructs between you and your former romantic loves. This frees up the energy to devote to anything in life, including new and current relationships.

For those of you secretly hoping a previous connection might someday cycle around again, I would offer that cleaning up the past and giving yourself a clean slate with the other person offers the best chance of a new engagement with an old flame not repeating the patterns that made it not work before.

Clearing and cleaning up old, derelict, outdated connections that have been hanging out in your energy field frees up vitality and allows you to attract folks who align with you in a contemporary way.

Please note: this work is for past relationships only. If you’re struggling with a current dynamic, you can still get this healing for past relationships. But I recommend one on one work for navigating current relationship complexities.

Cost: $25

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