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Magnify your Life Wish

Just $25
Tuesday, March 13, 6pm Pacific time

A powerful way to sustain health, vitality and personal happiness is by keeping the fire of your passion for living vibrant and bright. I often work with people who don’t have a death wish, but neither do they have a particular life wish. The lack of a strong vision and intention in this area can create vulnerability to illness and accidents.
For this healing, I’ll be drawing on the medicine of the pup fish found in Death Valley. The fish live and thrive in water with a salt content far beyond those of our oceans. Death Valley is one of the hottest environments in the summer with freezing temperatures in the winter. The saline content of the water has change, sometimes dramatically in a short period of time. And yet, the principle of the life wish is so strong and clear in the pup fish that they continue to adapt and adjust and thrive.
We have been born into a time of immense change. This is true of our day to day world of evolving technology as well as the energetic aspects. Let me help make the fire of your desire to live brighter and stronger and share some ideas about how to continue to tend this flame on an ongoing basis.
The program includes:
  • A Shamanic Healing to amplify and strengthen your life wish and bring you into relationship with the power animal of pup fish.
  • An .mp3 with a guided shamanic journey for doing this on your own.
  • An .mp3 on the with background information about this topic.
The format: Just sign up for the healing. You’ll receive links to download the .mp3s via email and on on the day, I’ll provide a distance shamanic healing. You’re invited to come into stillness while the journey is happening, but it’s not required. After the journey, I’ll send you an .mp3 with details about the work. Photo of Pup fish habitat by Nathan Niyomtham: http://www.nate2b.com/

Cost: $25

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