Handmade Crystal Lockets – now for sale!


Locket 3: Herkimers and translucent opals, $95
Locket 4: For the purist- Herkimers straight up, $85

Locket 5: Auralite 23 and Herkimer diamonds, $85
Locket 6: Herkimer Diamonds and Garnets, $95
Locket 7: Auralite 23 and Herkimer diamonds, $85
Locket 9: Emeralds and Herkimers- $95

To purchase a locket, please fill out the form below and note which lockets you want to purchase.
I will contact you for billing information.

9 + 10 =

More on rocks and Crystals!

I love working with crystals. They hold such strong, clear vibrations. By adding those “notes” to my environment, I am supported in awakening them within myself. I can more easily find “grounding”, “clarity”, “inspiration”, “protection”, etc. and activate those energies for myself. I gather my crystals together to create Mesas or shamanic altars. These range in size from a small travel bundle to a whole house grid. I use my crystals to anchor intentions on my behalf, allowing me to still be protected and shielded when I’m tired or connected to healing energies as needed.