Soul Retrieval Session

Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval

This soul retrieval session can assist in attaining life goals, restoring health, releasing old behavioral patterns, and emotional and psychic pain. It can help to relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue, and stress.  My soul retrieval sessions are extremely comprehensive and designed to restore your missing soul parts in a single session.

Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval may offer effective and lasting healing in one session for the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Katie Weatherup offers Soul Retrieval SessionsDepression
  • Lack of passion
  • Grief and trauma
  • Feeling like you don’t belong
  • Unresolved issues

Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval Sessions also support:

  • Feeling secure in who you are
  • Living in your power
  • Speaking your truth
  • Finding your passion and soul purpose
  • Gentle and accelerated healing

My Soul Retrieval and Shamanic Healing sessions provide comprehensive healing in a single session.

Soul Retrieval Session includes:

  • Power Animal Discovery
  • Connection to a Star Being or similar spirit guide
  • Clean up on energetic dynamics from your family of origin
  • Personal messages about you soul path and/or current situation
  • Retrieval of soul parts from former romantic partners and cleanup on past relationships
  • Soul Retrieval work
  • Additional Healing work as directed by the guides

My goal is to restore energy and power and to provide a solid, healthy foundation in a single session. I’ve been doing this work for over 20 years, and I have an extremely effective process and team of guides for this work. Please note, if your life has had extremely high levels of trauma and you’re new to a healing path, a follow-up shamanic healing session may be recommended. However, for 90% of my clients, all of the above can be covered in a single session.

Many of my clients find shamanic work immensely helpful in gaining clarity about issues such as career, relationship and their soul purpose or life lesson. Shamanic healing can be used to address the spiritual aspect of illness- be it physical, emotional or mental. It can increase the effectiveness of other forms of healing, including regular medical and psychological treatment.

Shamanic healing works with your essence energy, which can be described as your soul or your spiritual self. It encompasses the intangible aspects of your being, including gifts, qualities, and aspects of who you are. When the physical body dies, this soul or essence continues.

In creating a healing opportunity, it is useful to first do healing work on the soul or essence level. The soul or essence is the blueprint that tells the other levels of your being (your life force energy, your mind, your emotions and your body) how to be. It informs the universe and world around you what type of relationships and experiences to manifest. Shamanic healing and soul retrieval sessions are very effective tools for working on this level.

Clients who come with a deep commitment to their personal healing and a willingness to change and grow often experience our work together to be life changing. After a healing session, clients often find it harder to swallow their truth or accept situations where they are not being honored, regardless of the economic or emotional advantages of that situation. Please make sure you are open to life changes before you consider making an appointment with me. The work I do on the essence level is very gentle, but it can have a tremendous impact on your life. Because this work takes place outside space and time, it is possible to perform shamanic work from a distance. All sessions are recorded.

Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval Session

Life’s traumas, dramatic or subtle, can cause portions of one’s vital life force to become separated, creating dramatic imbalances in our lives. Symptoms such as depression, fatigue, memory gaps or general dis-ease can receive profound healing through soul retrieval. When performing soul retrieval, I journey into the shamanic world and retrieve these separated soul parts and return them to my client. A soul retrieval session is one of my favorite healing techniques and one of the most powerful. One session is generally enough to address all past experiences of soul loss and can leave the recipient with unprecedented levels of wholeness.

In a shamanic healing and soul retrieval session, I start with a Power Animal Discovery to identify and connect my client with two power animals. Power animals are spirit guides in animal form that provide a connection to primal life forces, protecting and guiding us in the physical and spiritual world. Discovering and forming a relationship with your power animal may alleviate conditions such as lack of energy, tendency towards mishaps, or feelings of vulnerability. Likewise, a relationship with your power animal can provide support and guidance through major life transitions.

Next I look at the overview of my client’s soul or essence and consult with the guides about anything that is out of alignment besides soul loss. Often the guides have me heal contracts, past life wounds, or realign the energy field. Many times a Star Being comes to join the person. If there has been childhood or past trauma, I may go back to those events and work to release the energy in shamanic reality to remove the energetic anchor of that painful experience. I also do extraction work as needed, removing spiritual and energetic intrusions. Then, I do the soul retrieval work, bringing back the pieces that my client has lost.

Sessions vary since whatever work I do is directed by the guides. My sessions are designed to provide a profound healing that is completed in one session.  That being said, please note, the suggestions and information that will be provided in this session are intended for personal growth and exploration. The session is not a substitute for professional medical advice or psychological treatment.  While there’s a powerful impact in shifting to a fundamental wholeness at the soul level, it’s not a magic bullet that can be expected to instantly resolve long standing emotional or psychological issues.  Sometimes it there is a significant improvement in those areas overnight, but more often, the soul retrieval provides a foundation that means that other efforts to heal mind and body have greater results.  Whatever challenges you face, you’ll be more resourced and resilient with you soul essence present.

Because the work is occurring at the soul level, how this experience translates to the conscious human level varies from person to person. It’s not unusual for these sessions to be described as life changing. Sometimes, the results are very subtle and come in the form of increasing strength and wholeness. The soul retrieval session takes about an hour and a half.  Please make sure you can have privacy and uninterrupted time for that duration.

Prior to your session, please read my article on Soul Retrieval.

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Cost: $285 Phone/Skype(audio) Session


I was having serious difficulties becoming breathless and anxious, Katie did some energetic healing and identified my power animal. It was a tremendous help and eventually my symptoms disappeared. She also did a shamanic healing for my 8 year old grandson and gave me information that I shared with my daughter so together we could support him in his Indigo-ness. He has been taken off all the ADD medications and is doing well in school.



Katie’s gift allowed me to reveal and release very old, stubborn programs that crippled my love of life. I highly recommend the motivated individual consult with her – but be ready for accelerated change!

T. Cook

San Diego

When I read about soul retrieval, it really resonated with me. I’d felt like I had really low energy and that there were parts of me missing for years. The session itself was very relaxing, even if I was somewhat skeptical about the whole thing. My mind was instantly changed when Katie put my soul parts back. I felt a tingling sensation, and then lots of energy shifting around. It definitely worked as advertised! It made me feel whole again, and very unwilling to put up with the treatment I’d been getting at work. It gave me the strength and courage to pursue a different job, which I got within a month.

Kelly F

San Diego

The first work I did with Katie was a Soul Retrieval, which was absolutely life-changing for me! The actual session itself was amazing, but what was really astounding to me was how much I changed for the better in the months afterward. It was interesting, because after some time had passed, I kind of didn’t really think about the Soul Retrieval session I’d had that much. It was a pleasant, distant memory that I had kind of tucked away. But about 6 months later, I remember very distinctly one day realizing that I was operating in the world so much differently than I ever had before! Situations that used to cause me difficulty were now easily dealt with, and things that used to upset me no longer did. It was then that I realized the real benefit of Shamanic work, which for me was that it not only helped me during the session, but I have continued to reap the rewards of the work many months, and several years later. It’s been a “snowball effect” of the best kind!


San Diego