Get a Power Animal!

Do you feel disconnected from your passion for life,
perhaps with some fatigue, loneliness, or overwhelm thrown in?


Katie Weatherup reclining in hammock small with dogs to illustrate value of of power animals connections.For thousands of years, our ancestors had support that we sadly ignore in today’s modern world through the relationship with their spirit guides.  Spirit guides can be power animals, ascended masters, ancestors, and more.  They help us to stay connected to ourselves and aligned with what matters most.  And ultimately, they make sure we never have to go it alone.

Though my 20 years of experience of as a shamanic practitioner, working with thousands of private clients and students, I’ve created a system that connects you to a variety of spirit guides.  Today, I want to help you to identify an aligned power animal and learn how to deepen the connection which will help you to access your own intuitive wisdom, power, and energy.  Power animals are also especially good at providing protection and improving our health and vitality.

Just click the start button below and answer some questions.  In five minutes or less, this system will match you to a power animal.  From there, you’ll have the option to access to an energetic system that will do the shamanic work on your behalf to bridge that power animal to you if you choose to accept it.  This allows your new power animal to step in and become a part of your team of spirit guides right away.

My connection to my power animals has been an ongoing source of strength and joy, as it is for many of my clients.  I hope to share that experience with you.