Compassionate Entity Removal

If you’re a new client dealing with Entities, Black Magic, or Psychic Attack, please watch the following video before booking a session.  Also, I only work with these issues for new clients in the context of a Soul Retrieval session, as explained in the video.  If you’ve been dealing with an extreme case of entity attachment or had the issue for a long time, I recommend a follow up shamanic healing session 1-2 weeks after the Soul Retrieval session.  This kind of issue seems to do damage to the energy body and a follow up session seems to offer more lasting results.

When booking, please select the “Compassionate Entity Removal” addon.  This applies to curses, entities, black magic, implants, etc.

If you’re an existing client, meaning I’ve done a soul retrieval for you before, you can book a shamanic healing session for help with these things.  The addon is not required.