Compassionate Entity Removal

If you’re a new client dealing with Entities, Black Magic, or Psychic Attack, please watch the following video before booking a session.  Also, I only work with these issues for new clients in the context of a Soul Retrieval session, as explained in the video.  If you’ve been dealing with an extreme case of entity attachment or had the issue for a long time, I recommend a follow up shamanic healing session 1-2 weeks after the Soul Retrieval session.  This kind of issue seems to do damage to the energy body and a follow up session seems to offer more lasting results.

If you’re an existing client, meaning I’ve done a soul retrieval for you before, you can book a shamanic healing session for help with these things.

Here’s a diagram to give you a feel for whether and how much I can help with things like entities and black magic.  I know people fit into “people who have mental illness who don’t believe they have mental illness” aren’t very good at self-identifying, but if you’re looking for someone to refer another person to, this should provide some guidance.