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Learn about my approach to shamanism and enjoy free content including guided shamanic journeys.


Learn about my approach to shamanism.

Katie Weatherup smiling and looking through leaves of a pepper tree.

About Soul Retrieval

About Soul Retrieval – Cliff Notes Version

Does Soul Retrieval Make You Tired?

Introduction to Practical Shamanism

Power Animals

Power Retrieval

How to Raise Your Vibration

Star Beings

Fire Ceremony (with video)

Herkimer Diamonds

Can You Cure Cancer?

Troubleshooting Guide for Energetically Sensitive People in COVID Times

The Emotional Ride

Dancing the Power

Messages from my Guides- Newsletter Articles

Munay-Ki Rites

Free Guided Shamanic Journeys

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Guided Shamanic Journey for Financial Abundance

Guided Shamanic Journey for Balance, Healing, and Inner Child Work

Vibrant Self Care along the Healing Journey

Shamanic Money Guides for Modern Times

Shamanic Musing Aug 2013

Yin time and the Transpersonal Path

The View of your Soul in Shamanic Reality

Fire Ceremony

Harmonizing with the Life/Death/Life cycle


Navigating the messages of the Instincts, Intuition, and Heart

Care and Feeding of Energetically Sensitive People in Trying Times

When a soulmate is a mismatch for the relationship you want

Healing for those dealing with entities

Shamanic Approaches to Trauma Resolution