Shamanic Money Cultivation

Get ongoing background support for right livelihood! – Just $20/month

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In this program you’ll receive:

  • Four shamanic journeys per month to promote money working well in your life.
  • Two .mp3 journey reports about the work being done.
  • Four past journeys .mp3s (all healing described held and available through sacred space)
  • Ongoing shamanic spaceholding with a team of guides to support us all in this area.

If you’re like me, you may feel like no matter how hard you work and how responsible you strive to be around money, there’s more struggle than is optimal because of this feeling that the finish line keeps moving.  So many fundamental bills such as insurance, electricity, and rent increase so we need more money to have the same standard of living, thus ongoing improvement in our money results is very helpful.

To this end, one of my ongoing shamanic practice is regular journeywork to be in right alignment with money flow.  I’d love to share this with others!  I have a lot of ways to work with money flow with the guides including:

  • Clearing past life vows of poverty or trauma from lack.
  • Support for the chakras to align with money flow.
  • Ongoing updates to be aligned with how money is moving through humanity now as this is something that is in state of change and movement.
  • Improved engagement with laws of attraction, vibration, and assimilation.
  • Work with guides who are especially suited to provide support in this area of life.
  • And more….

As a side note, I find a lot of deeply spiritual people struggle with this area because a) their upper chakras are more developed than their lower chakras due to affinity and/or b) because in past lives, they lived in service as part of a religious order that handled the money aspects, so their mastery from other lifetimes shows up in other areas.  This program helps with both!

Cost: $20/month
Pre-requisite: a soul retrieval with me
Limit: 35 people

One time payment ($20 for one month)