Have It All

Get comprehensive shamanic healing & support.

Just $139/month for 10 focused shamanic healings!

Plus massive support from the guides 24/7

I have a number of offers to provide shamanic healing and support for different aspects of life.  Simplify your spiritual support and care with the “Have It All” package.

What’s included:

  • Two Shamanic Healings per month on various topics- you’ll get personalized shamanic healing plus an .mp3 journey report with my $25 healing specials.  Topics like “Increase your Energetic Protections” and “Amplify your Life Wish” provide focused, specialized healing and teaching around important shamanic topics.  Check out the current offer here: $25 Healing Special
  • Money Manifestation– with 2 personal shamanic boosts for your money outcomes as well as 2 journeys with journey reports.  This consistent, steady work on upleveling money outcomes has had great results for my clients.  Pre-req is waived with this offer.  Check out the details here: Shamanic Money Manifestation
  • Practical Shamanism Membership- (AKA Patreon Offer)- Get shamanic content, activations, and healings, plus an amazing team of guides on your side!  You can pay for your membership here or through the Patreon site directly.  See below for those options in the check out.  Learn more here: Practical Shamanism Membership
  • Healthy Body, Happy Life- Get ongoing, focused shamanic healing to improve and sustain health!  With this offer, you’ll get two personalized shamanic healings for physical health each month plus an extra energy boost.  Details are here: Healthy Body, Happy Life

Rather than picking and choosing and making separate payments, you can make one monthly payment and receive massive shamanic support and content throughout the month.  A consistent, focused approach to shamanic healing and growth creates the best results.

What’s not included:

  • Shamanic Intensives- these have different price points and may or may not be relevant to everyone, so you’ll want to sign up for these separately.
  • One on One Sessions- just book your phone or skype session normally when you want personalized, real-time support.

Optional to include:

  • Shamanic Chakra Intensive- March through October, I offer my comprehensive Shamanic Chakra Intensive. The program requires sign up before the program begins and includes an 8-month commitment (all the other programs listed here are month to month with no additional commitment required).  To include the chakra program in this payment, use the appropriate link below.  Learn more here about the Shamanic Chakra Intensive
  • Practical Shamanism Membership- For those signed up directly with the Patreon website for the membership or at a different membership level than the Full Membership, use this link to pay for all the other programs except this one. Just pick the appropriate link below.


Have It All: $139/month
(includes everything listed above except the chakra program)

Have It All with Separate Payment for the Membership/Patreon: $110/month
(includes everything listed above except the membership and chakra program)

Have It All plus Chakra Program: $194/month

Have It All plus Chakra Program with separate payment for the Membership/Patreon: $165/month

Feeling confused with the options?  Reach out to me via email and we can talk about what would be a good match.