Specials for my Soul Retrieval Clients

Limited time offers:Katie Weatherup smiling brightly through branches of pepper tree

50% discount for Courses in my Shamanic Academy.  Between the time you book your soul retrieval session and one week after, get 50% off any of my courses in the Shamanic Academy.  Just email me to redeem this offer. (Does not apply to “Golden Ticket” but you can get a 20% discount on the bundle with all my courses.)

Soul Retrieval Follow Up Session: Get the Soul Purpose Update ($55 value) and Align Your Destiny Path ($25 value) at no extra cost when you do this session within 30 days of your initial appointment.

What Some Highly Focused Shamanic Support?

Check out my Have It All offer for 10 journeys per month for just $139.

Ongoing Offers:

A Soul Retrieval is a prerequisite to many of my offers.  After a Soul Retrieval you’ll specifically gain access to:

  • $25 Shamanic Money Manifestation Offer– Get personalized support for financial abundance and well-being for just $25/month.
  • Healthy Body, Happy Life– Get ongoing, focused shamanic healing to improve and sustain health!  Just $35/month!
  • Shamanic Healing Sessions: There’s no time limit on being consider an “existing client”.  Soul Retrieval is an amazing foundation.  Shamanic Healing Sessions can support you in building on that foundation.  We focus on current areas of your life that aren’t as you wish- money, health, relationship, etc.  Or healing from the past, such as Ancestral Healing or Past Lives.  Shamanic Healing Sessions have a much lower price point than your soul retrieval session.
  • Protect Your Home Offer: Get protections and blessings for your home to help it become an effective sanctuary from the energetic complexity of the outside world!
  • First Dibs List Sign Up– Hear about new offers before anyone else, including offers not shared via the mailing list.

I also am able to provide my Soul Retrieval Clients with more focused and personalized support in my Practical Shamanism Membership starting at $19/month.  While you don’t need to have a soul retrieval to receive ongoing support from my guides, once my team has had the chance to work directly with you, they are much more able to understand how best to provide support and healing for you.

Not ready for a Soul Retrieval but interested in working with me?

Every month I offer $25 healing specials that allow deep shamanic healing on a specific topic with no prerequisite. You can find the current topic here: https://handsoverheart.com/5-25/25-healing-special/

Check out my What’s Next page for all my upcoming offers.  Some of them require a soul retrieval, but others are open to anyone.

My Podcast is free and has some of my best shamanic wisdom.  Or you can check out my book, Practical Shamanism!

My Practical Shamanism Membership is available starting at $19/month.  While the work is more focused for people who’ve worked with me, you can still be held by me and my guides.