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Courses include:

The Energy Body Illumination- Comprehensive Training for a Healthy, Foundational Energy Body and for Navigating Energetic Sensitivity!  You know how sometimes people experience life as an uphill battle rather than a gift and an adventure? Well, when your energy body is vital, healthy, and functioning properly, life is more likely to feel joyful, inspired, and filled with wonder and less like something to be gotten through.

The Soul Purpose Alignment- By understanding, connecting with, and aligning to our soul purpose, we can access the most focused support from our higher self and team of guides. This helps us create the life we’d most love living while charting a course that leads to an incarnation we will feel proud of and happy with, looking back.

Money Mastery for Modern Times- Remove obstacles to money flow and to align your energetic body to support good money outcomes on an ongoing basis.

The Instinct Intervention- Helping people to get out of stress state and calm their fight or flight response is one of the things I’m most geeky and passionate about.  You can make a lifelong shift in 30 days!

Free Yourself from Entities- And other energetic interference- Save 75%

Shamanic Weight Loss- This program is designed to help you line up the underlying influences in order to lose weight gracefully and to keep it off without struggle.

Learn Shamanic Journey- Shamanic Journeying is a method used in many cultures to send personal awareness into the symbolic, non-rational realm of myth and dreams. Mind-traveling is a traditional means of interacting with spiritual guides and allies for guidance and personal healing. With the help of the drum, we’ll move into an altered state and meet our spirit guides.

Right Livelihood- Learn about how to earn the money you need in a way that feeds your heart and soul!

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