Support and Healing for Existing Clients

Have You Done a Soul Retrieval Session with Me?

You’re Officially an Existing Client with Access to Additional Support and Offers!

Shamanic Healing Sessions– There’s no time limit on being consider an “existing client”.  Soul Retrieval is an amazing foundation.  Shamanic Healing Sessions can support you in building on that foundation.  We focus on current areas of your life that aren’t as you wish- money, health, relationship, etc.  Or healing from the past, such as Ancestral Healing or Past Lives.  Shamanic Healing Sessions have a much lower price point than your soul retrieval session.

$25 Shamanic Money Manifestation Offer– Get personalized support for financial abundance and well-being for just $25/month.

Protect Your Home Offer– Get protections and blessings for your home to help it become an effective sanctuary from the energetic complexity of the outside world!

Become an Active Client– Get ongoing, focused support for personal growth or help with a challenging life season.  I’m a huge believer in proactive healing and transformation.

Healing For Those Who’ve Passed On– If you’ve had a loss, my deepest condolences.  I am trained in helping souls find their way after death and can work with your loved one to provide them with soul retrieval and help to find their way.

Shamanic Chakra Intensive– This 8-month intensive beginning in March 2023 helps you to heal and activate your chakras for a life with greater money flow, physical health, heart connection, and soul expression.

First Dibs List Sign Up– Hear about new offers before anyone else, including offers not shared via the mailing list.

In addition, you’ve met the most common prerequisite for some of my intensives!