Who did you study with?

Some of my teachers have been Hank Wesselman, Alberto Villoldo, Connie Kelly, Alicia Gates, Serena Poisson, Maria and Lynda Yraceburu, Carol Holaday, Diane Ruth Shewmaker, Michael Hartzel, and Mellissa Seaman.

Do I have to believe for it to work?

No. You need to make a conscious choice to work with me and give me permission. But you don’t have to believe in or accept my framework for the unseen world. You don’t need to believe in past lives, energy healing, or spirit guides for the work to be effective. These things are just a framework for our conscious minds. If understanding my understanding of the unseen world doesn’t add value for you, feel free to ignore it.  In fact, I’ve had feedback from people who told me after the fact that they were amazed that it worked so well, since going in, they didn’t think it would.

My financial circumstances are very difficult. Do you offer discounts on your sessions?

I do not.  I understand many people in the world just don’t have the resources to afford my one on one work.  Therefore, I offer free content in my podcasts and highly affordable group healings.  Compared to the rates of comparably experienced and skilled shamanic practitioners, mine are some of the lowest due to my desire to make my one on one work as accessible as possible.  Thus, I don’t have room to discount my work further and keep my practice financially viable.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

No, I don’t make any guarantees about the results of my work or recommendations. I share educational and informational resources as well as energetic interventions per my shamanic training that are intended to help you succeed. You, nevertheless, need to know that your ultimate outcomes will be the result of your own efforts, your particular situation, and innumerable other circumstances beyond my knowledge and control.

So please check in with yourself and make sure you’re clear about your choice to work with me and willing to take responsibility for that decision before booking or signing up for an offer. Admittedly, it’s highly unusual for me to get a request for a refund following a session.  I believe I’ve had only one in the past three years and delivered nearly a thousand individual sessions in that timeframe.  I still want you to have the information up front so you can decide ahead of time if that works for you.  That being said, if you cancel at least 48 hours before your session, I’m happy to issue a full refund minus the paypal fees.

If you’re on the fence, I’d invite you to hold off booking until you have clarity about the decision.  My podcast is a great way to get to know me better and feel into whether I’d be the right person to support you.  I’ve also provide a great deal of information on my website and on my YouTube channel.  Hopefully this will support you whether you decide to go forward in working with me one on one or not.  While there’s a powerful impact in shifting to a more fundamental wholeness at the soul level, it’s not a magic bullet that can be expected to instantly resolve long standing emotional or psychological issues.  Sometimes there is a significant improvement in those areas overnight, but more often, the soul retrieval provides a foundation that means that other efforts to heal mind and body have greater results.

If you’ve read my website and have questions about what my work will and won’t provide, please contact me before booking.

Can I get a consult to help me decide whether to work with you before booking a session?

I’m afraid not.  At this time, my practice is incredibly full and my one-on-one sessions generally book up completely.  As such, it makes the most sense to focus on being of service to the people who are able to use the information on my website to decide about working with me and for whom the way I offer my one-on-one work is a good fit.  I confess, I have some sadness about the people who I’m not able to support due to their need for a bit more personalized and engaged approach outside of the actual session.  But not doing consults means I get to do more actual healing work and that’s the thing I’m choosing to focus on.

Of course, if you’ve already done a soul retrieval with me, you’re welcome to email with a question about future work.  At that point, I have a direct sense of what you’re dealing with and feel that I can offer effective recommendations.  But, for new people, I invite you to center in your self-trust that you can tune in and make a good choice for yourself, whether that’s to work with me or to look for someone else.

Also, I’m happy to answer logistical questions if you’re having a challenge with booking through the website or finding information.

I have this problem. Can you help?

I don’t know. I can do exactly the same thing for two clients and one will find it life changing and the other will not feel much of an impact. Metaphysical healing techniques can support someone committed to doing their work to heal and grow at a phenomenally accelerated rate, with grace and ease. However, if there are important lessons associated with a situation or illness, our work together will illuminate those lessons and provide information about them, but may not make the illness or situation go away. My work treats the energetic aspect of illness.

How do I know whether I would benefit from a session with you?

I encourage you to trust your intuition. The most powerful sessions seem to happen with people who come across my website or meet me and just know they want to work with me. Other people trust that my information or work has come to their attention for a reason. If you don’t have a strong sense, try getting quiet within yourself and asking whether a session or a class with me would benefit you. I believe in the work deeply and have seen amazing results.  But I’ve opted not to offer extensive testimonials because I believe in supporting people in accessing their own, direct empowered wisdom.  I know it goes against marketing wisdom, but I believe in your ability to make a powerful, aligned choice for yourself regardless of whether that means we work together or not.

I’m nervous about shamanic journey. Is it safe?

Yes. I teach a very gentle form of shamanic journey. It can feel as mild as a daydream or a guided meditation. You can end a shamanic journey instantly if you ever need or want to. When journeying with the techniques I teach, you travel to safe and protected places in the shamanic world and meet with guides who will protect and support you in all your journeys.

Can you cure cancer, diabetes and other diseases?

That’s a short question with a long answer. Please see Can you Cure Cancer? on the articles page.

Do you work with people dealing with significant mental illness such as those who have been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc?

Yes.  And, I’m not qualified to treat or help directly with these conditions.  What I can provide is greater soul health and clear away of heavy and intrusive energies that often accompany these experiences.  I can increase energetic protections.  When someone is dealing with one or more of these conditions, I ask that they be supported by a licensed mental health professional and seek my services as a supplement to that form of care.  I realize that the modern, mainstream approach to treating mental illness is incomplete because it doesn’t support the energetic or soul healing aspects of this complicated and multilayered experience.  I can act as a part of your team in navigating through these kinds of experiences.

Don’t you find it depressing and sad to hear about people’s pain so much?

Quite the contrary. I get to see people at this wonderful moment when they’ve committed themselves to their own healing. I get to see the potential people have buried under wounds and trauma and offer them tools and support to heal those wounds. Working at the soul level, I can see the gifts and beauty and meaning within painful experiences.

I am under attack by entities. Can you help?

It very much depends on the person. I ask that anyone considering working with me for entity issues watch the video on this page first: Compassionate Entity Removal

Everything in my life is falling apart- I lost my job, I’m being attacked by entities, my lover left me. I think someone put a curse on me. Are you powerful enough to help me?

You can learn more about my work with entities/curses here: Compassionate Entity Removal I can clear entities and curses, provide good energetic protection, offer insight and healing around relationship issues. However, if you feel that the source of your problems is something outside yourself, the change may not last. Generally when everything is going wrong like this there is a need for inner work as well as outside support.  If you just apply one or the other, your circumstances may not shift and change. If you’re looking for some very powerful individual to make the problems go away without you needing to make any changes or do any work on your own behalf, that’s not me. If you’re looking to make great personal transformation, I’d be honored to help you.

I’m feeling desperate and suicidal. Can you help me?

My strengths are not in the area of crisis intervention. I see many clients whose lives are changing quickly and who are feeling unsettled by the changes. But someone who is completely overwhelmed, desperate, and/or a danger to themselves is not a good match for my skills as their sole solution. I recommend you seek out more conventional forms of help before you contact me. While clients often report feeling better immediately after a session, my work is most strongly directed to long term life transformation.  If you are in an acute place and seeking help in addition to conventional therapy, I’m happy to be part of your team.

What days and times do you work? How can I book a session?

I work Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday starting at 11am Pacific time and going into the evening Pacific Time.  You can book a shamanic healing or soul retrieval by clicking here