Practical Shamanism Membership

A Circle for Healing, Support, and Living Your Soul Purpose

Get shamanic content, activations, and healings, plus an amazing team of guides on your side!

Do you feel overwhelmed or lonely?  Perhaps you feel disconnected from your soul purpose, lost, or unsupported in life. Sometimes life starts to feel like an uphill battle rather than a gift and an adventure.

Let my guides and I help to change that for you. Feel better with no homework required.

Thank you so much for stopping by! For thousands of years, our ancestors had support through the relationship with their spirit guides, something that we sadly ignore in today’s modern world. Spirit guides can be power animals, ascended masters, ancestors, and more. They help us to stay connected to ourselves and aligned with what matters most. And ultimately, they make sure we never have to go it alone.

Through more than 20 years of experience as a shamanic practitioner, working with thousands of private clients and students, I’ve become highly skilled at working with spirit guides to provide support in every area of life.

By joining this membership, you’ll get 24/7 shamanic support from a massive team of spirit guides. And I’ll sustain the connection and flow of energy, so you don’t have to work harder or add more to your plate in order to get extra support from the guides.

This will help you to:

  • Feel held and supported, even when things are really hard
  • Access your wisdom, power, and intuition
  • Activate healing and psychic gifts
  • Have more peace and clarity
  • Increase protection in everyday life
  • Stay connected to your Soul Purpose
  • Experience powerful “coincidences” that support what you most want in life
  • Have better results in health, money, and relationships

I’d love to support you in living a really good life that just keeps getting better.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shamanic healings do you include?
Past topics have included:

  • Deep Soul Cleanse
  • Web of Light- Relationship Configuration Upgrades for Spiritual People!
  • Alignment with all Three Shamanic Worlds
  • Mercury Retrograde with Grace
  • Activate Creativity and Resourcefulness
  • Increase your Life Wish
  • Physical Health Destiny Path Activation
  • Money Activation
  • Connect with Ascended Master Spirit Guides

When I travel and can share new land magic or the guides ask me to offer something specific, that’s the healing I share. The rest of the time, members can vote on the topic they’d most like to receive.

I’m not sure what level of membership is right for me.
Just reach out via email. I’d be glad to help you pick the membership that’s right for you and help you understand what each level provides.
$29/month seems a low price point for this kind of membership. Can you explain why that is?
My shamanic practice is both a business and a vocation. I adore when I get to share in an ongoing way with my clients, being in their corner, holding the vision for their best outcomes. As such, I’ve structured my practice in a way that allows me to offer this at a low price point because it makes me happy to get to share this and I see it providing something unique. Financial accessibility is important to me with this offer. There’ve been times when I’ve struggled with longing for an experience, training, or type of support that just didn’t feel financially responsible in the larger picture. My hope is that this pricing structure makes this attainable for those who genuinely want to receive this ongoing support.
Do I have to make a long-term commitment?
No. The membership program is month to month, so you can cancel or join anytime. However, I don’t offer pro-rated refunds if you want to end your membership during the month.
I really don’t have to do any homework for this membership?
You really don’t. I’ll provide .mp3 journey reports that you can listen to or not as you desire. There are so many self-care things that take time and effort. If you need the support of a physical therapist, you have to go to appointments and do the exercises at home to see results. Likewise with exercise or healthy eating habits. Because shamanic work takes place outside of space and time, I can work with the guides to pour energy and healing into you or clear away pain and burdens you may be carrying. So much in modern life is asking us to be resourceful and resilient, even when we feel tired and overwhelmed, to work hard, and to balance so many demands.

I want this work to replenish and support you as you go about your everyday life. This membership is about helping your energy body and soul to be healthy, clear, and connected without you having to add in more daily practices or extra training.

Does it really work at a distance?
Indeed! I do all my work over the phone, and I get great results and feedback. In fact, many of my one-on-one clients feel relief as soon as they book their session. That choice allows the guides to immediately begin working on their behalf as they’ve made the choice to seek the support of my team.
But what will this do in terms of measurable results?
That’s a hard question to answer because people’s experiences vary so widely. Having your energy body healthier and more resourced often translates directly into better physical health. It also can lead to less fatigue and stress. Relationships often go better because you’re resourced on a deeper level. Being connected to a team of guides can help new ideas, possibilities and solutions come to you even if you don’t always feel like you hear your guides. Money outcomes are often improved as a result of my work.

A lot of your results and outcomes are based on circumstances and choices. But, whatever you’re navigating, this will give you more internal reserves to move through your life. It’s similar to the difference between the experience of the same day after a good night’s sleep versus after a night where you tossed and turned and worried all night. I don’t expect this membership to be a magic bullet that solves everything you’re struggling with. But I do believe I can give you a powerful boost and help everything be just a bit easier and more successful.

Couldn’t I just ask my guides for healing?
Absolutely! Please do! What I bring to the table is the ability to more deeply and fully anchor that intention and to create a stronger pathway for the healing energy to move from spirit to you.

Also, with over twenty years of doing shamanic work on a nearly daily basis, I have access to a much larger team of helping spirits than someone who hasn’t engaged so deeply in this kind of work. While I’m not good at a number of endeavors (like athletic team sports), I’m very good at directing large amounts of energy. There are so many guides ready and available to help with healing and transformation. This membership helps to create a strong and dynamic bridge between you and those helpers.