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Curious, Resilient, and Blessed- 1 week, 3 journeys- Just $33
Starts Thursday, August 22
Increase your sense of living in a benevolent, supportive universe, while also coming into greater grace with change.  Plus, increase your resiliency.

Become an Active Client
Get ongoing shamanic work supports a life that keeps getting better!
5 spots currently available!

Physical Health Activation- Just $20/month
Sign up anytime!
Increase and Sustain your Physical Health and Vitality- Just $20/month

Shamanic Money Cultivation- Just $20/month
Ongoing! No commitment required.
Get ongoing support for right livelihood and money flow!

$5 Shamanic Illumination Healing
Tuesday, Sept 3, 6pm Pacific Time
Cosmic Connection

Elegant Trauma Resolution and Release- Just $25
Tuesday, Sept 10, 6pm
Will you give me the chance to take apart past pain that’s impacting your energy field?

Open House and Sale- 25% Everything
Sunday, Sept 15, 1-3pm

Dismantle Fears!
Tuesday, Sept 17
Let’s do some taking apart of the chronic mental loops of scary scenarios!

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Shamanic Training .mp3 offer
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