Mercury Retrograde with Grace

Get active shamanic support March 28 – April 28

Mercury Retrograde runs April 1-25 – this program will support you throughout the retrograde as well as providing support for the transitions going into the energy and out the other side!


Mercury Retrograde with Grace image milkyway over mountains

This shamanic offering is designed to work proactively with the energy of Mercury Retrograde to bring grace, ease, and positive flow to those three weeks.

Many of the people I work with are quite sensitive and don’t benefit from being blasted or bombarded by energy. At the same time, we want to stay in relationship to the energy of the planetary cycles. This work is about calibration and filtering the energy to the right level for you. You might benefit from a drink of water, but a fire hose turned on full blast is likely not the optimal delivery method.


In this journey I will:

• Work with the guides to filter the energy so that the volume and intensity of the energy from the Mercury retrograde is optimized for you.

• Strengthen your protections and filters for the energetic intensity of other people who are struggling with the energy. Sometimes it’s easier to deal with the energy from the cosmos than the human reactions around you.

• Track and strengthen a destiny path that is designed to maximize the grace of the next three weeks and have you ready for graceful forward motion on the other side.

• Get any messages that the guides would like to share and tell you about them on the .mp3 journey report.


Sacred Space: Be held throughout this transit as well as a few days before and after by a team of guides.

Bonus Shamanic Journey: In addition to the initial journey to support you and the sacred space, I’ll do a mid-cycle journey to reinforce the shamanic work and support.  This journey won’t have an .mp3 report, but I’ll let you know when I do the shamanic journey.

Limit: 28 people

Cost- $35


“Both my husband and I signed up for the Mercury Retrograde clearing the moment it was announced. The benefits we received were immediately noticeable. From the first moments into the retrograde cycle, we noticed an absolute calm and harmony envelope us. Our day-to-day personal interactions with each other, as well as those we interact with on a daily basis reflected this calm. Even the simpler things like navigating traffic was smoother; and running personal & professional errands all had an easeful energy wrapped around it.

My husband works in holistic health care and has a busy practice treating patients 5 days a week. He was delighted that his interactions with patients, staff and co-workers were especially smooth and harmonious during this retrograde – a marked change from mercury retrograde cycles in the past. I highly recommend this service she provides! It is absolutely incredible!”

-SM, San Diego, CA