Shamanic Crystals with Katie

Katie Weatherup holds out an amethyst crystal Are you interested in special offers, sales, and give away of crystals and jewelry I’ve personally selected for the ability to support you in thriving?

I’ve loved rocks and crystals since I was a child.  And I love having people with whom to share that joy and delight.  When I had an in person healing space, I added bookshelves and sold crystals at deeply discounted prices.  Because this is a side line that doesn’t have to be profitable, I’m able to offer some great deals.  More than that, every piece I choose has been energetically cleared and select for it’s ability to be helpful.  In a recent sale, I offered many pieces below the wholesale price I paid.

When I go places with lot’s of wholesale rock shopping, I want to be able to check in with folks and see who is interested in what so I don’t overbuy.  And, I don’t want to contact people who are just interested in my shamanic work and not crystals.  Plus, I’m only able to ship within the United States.

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