Become an Active Client

Ongoing shamanic work supports a life that keeps getting better!


I’m a huge fan of proactive (rather than reactive) healing and transformation work.  Regular sessions can fast-track you back to balance when challenges arise.  And doing sessions when all is well supports an experience of really good life that keeps getting better.  Either way, some of the transformational nature and power of my shamanic work only becomes available when you choose to engage in an ongoing way, instead of a in a single session format.

This offer is for those who’ve completed a soul retrieval with me.  The commitment is for at least three sessions over a three month period.  If things are going well overall, I recommend one session every three to four weeks.  If you’ve hit on a challenge, two weekly sessions followed by a session two weeks later is a great way to move quickly into a more balanced place.

Each package of three sessions includes:

  • Three Shamanic Healing sessions.
  • Destiny path support over the time of the sessions.
  • Additional schedule access as needed. My Active clients have first claim on my available sessions and the waitlist to get in sooner.

Prerequisite: Soul Retrieval session with me

Active Client package of 3 sessions- 60 minutes- phone/skype- $390

Active Client package of 3 sessions- 90 minutes- phone/skype- $510

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this supposed to be one session per month? Not necessarily.  You can book every week if you wish and complete the cycle in three weeks.  After your third session, just let me know whether you want to keep your active status.

I’m not sure if I want 60 or 90 minute sessions. No worries!  Just buy the package of 60 minute sessions.  When you book your session, if you want a 90 minute session, just book the time and pay the balance through the donation page.

I see a therapist.  Is this something I can do as well? Absolutely! My journey has been enriched by both types of support. I find other modalities generally don’t provide the focused messages from the guides or energetic interventions.  If you already have a self-care team, adding in a monthly shamanic session can offer healing for areas and aspects that other modalities don’t address as effectively.  I’m a huge fan of therapy, but if a past life pattern or ancestral wound needs unwinding, it’s not going to effectively address that.

When I was in therapy, I went every week but this program sounds like it still offers results with more time between sessions.  Why is that? My shamanic work provides deep changes and movement of energy.  The work covered in a single session is often similar to the amount of movement in several therapy sessions.  Because of the fast tracking and how much information is shared, it’s kind to allow time to integrate the changes, unless there’s a specific, urgent need for more frequent support.

Do I have to prepay for all three sessions? If you have a compelling reason not to, we can talk.  But, putting aside the money ahead of time and being “all in” seems work best for people.  If it’s hard to spend money on yourself, a “pay as you go” format could have you less willing to reach out for support when you need it most.

What if I don’t finish all my sessions in the three months? I get that sometimes things happen, but if you think you might not be able to complete the sessions within the three months, please don’t sign up for this program, just do sessions one at a time as you’re available.  That being said, if something changes and you’re not able to complete the program, you can have a credit, good for a year for the unused sessions, minus a cancellation fee of $40.