The Soul Purpose Alignment

A One-Month Shamanic Intensive- Begins January 1, 2024

No Homework Required.

Do you feel disconnected from your deeper Soul Purpose?
Does your connection to your passion for life or intuition feel diminished?
Maybe you’re not sure what your next steps are now that you’ve gotten to this point in your life.

Before you set tangible goals or make resolutions, come into alignment with your core essence.
  Life is a lot more joyful, magical, not to mention easier, when we move in alignment with all the levels of our being.  Plus, the universe will often move on your behalf when you get clear.

  • Start 2024 deeply connected to your up-to-date Soul Purpose.

  • Bring in the support of your higher self and team of guides for the life you’d most love living.

  • Get the energy around and inside you clean and clear to support this updated, clear blueprint.

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Receive five healing journeys over a month.

In addition, you’ll be held in sacred space for the entire time, with the guides working in the background to support you.

Part 1- Update your Soul Purpose

In this one month shamanic intensive, I will start by facilitating a meeting with your higher self, your incarnation advisor team, and your human self to come into an updated, aligned agreement about your soul’s intentions and preferred destiny path for your life going forward.  This updated, aligned soul purpose is then downloaded to your crown chakra and supported in an ongoing way by your team of guides and higher self.  If you were a highly successful company, this would be the big retreat of all the top people to step away from the daily tasks for the purpose of evaluating the current situation and visioning the company’s path forward.  You could also think of this as a recalibration of your soul’s compass that guides your journey.

Part 2- Claim your Essential Vibration

Receive the Soul Note Illumination healing designed to harmonize the vibration your entire being with your core soul essence.  This work also vibrates away energetic intrusion of other people’s energy and things that don’t belong to you.  I will also clear unhealthy cords and remove blueprints of other people’s ideas of who you should be.

Part 3- Clear the Clutter

This healing journey is all about dismantling outdated, unhelpful energetic structures that don’t align with our aligned contemporary life.  If this was happening at the physical level, this would be like going through all your belongings and getting rid of anything that doesn’t align with and support your life.  At the energetic level, we end up with these old structures that impede our freedom and movement.  This could be heart armor from junior high or connections to past relationships.  Perhaps it’s the structure of an old oath or promise that you’ve released from your daily life, but not cleared out of your field.  With this, you gain freedom to move dynamically and to see the world with fresh eyes rather than through old filters and energetic debris.

Part 4- Play for the Same Team

This chakra connecting journey is about getting all the different parts of yourself aligned with your core, central vision.  Each of the chakras supports an important aspect of life.  This journey helps your chakras work together so they’re overall playing for the same team while doing their individual work to support you having a great life.  If you ever feel at war with yourself or like you tend to self-sabotage, this work will help.

Part 5- Activate the Destiny Path

Through this work, new, upgraded and more fulfilling destiny paths become available.  The possibilities for your life in terms of health, relationships, money, and self-actualization are improved.  This work allows me to track and amplify the best possible destiny paths so your flow towards these future outcomes is strengthened.

Program Includes:

  • Five shamanic journeys as described above with .mp3 journey reports.
  • Ongoing shamanic spaceholding with a team of guides to support us all in this area. You’ll be held within sacred space for the intensive.
  • Guided Soul Note Illumination Healing Journey .mp3 so you can reactivate that work anytime you wish.

The format: This work is based on energetic interventions and shamanic journeywork. In addition, each journey comes with a journey report that will teach you more about the topic and how you can engage more deeply with the healing offered should you wish.  Just sign up.  On Jan 1, I’ll connect you to the sacred space and begin doing the shamanic journeys.  After each journey, I’ll send you an .mp3 report.

Bonus: Soul Purpose Alignment Program (a $77 value).If you’d like to learn more about soul purpose and how to stay consciously connected, this program is for you!  It includes exclusive access to thirteen modules you won’t be able to get anywhere else.  There’s over 5 hours of audio content that is only available in this program, in fact, just the audio for this program is longer than the audiobook for my first book!

Limit: 22

Cost: $147