Ancestral Healing Intensive

One Month Program Begins October 1

Ancestral healing work empowers our ancestors to stand behind us in profound support.  It also helps release us from energetic legacies of pain, unhealthy patterns, and even physical health issues while amplifying the gifts from our linage.

Thriving tree with exposed roots on cliff by ocean appears suspended between heaven and earth.

It is an act of kindness and compassion to honor our ancestors who’ve gone before and offer them healing and relief from pain they are still holding onto.  It’s also something that serves us in helping to free us from dysfunctional family patterns and legacies.  When we alleviate pain and trauma that’s held in our linage by those who’ve gone before, every living descendant has a better chance to be set free of a burden they inherited.

In addition, we can receive gifts of wisdom and support from our aligned ancestors.  Even if you had a complicated or painful history with one or more of your loved ones who passed on, this can be cleaned up to create an opportunity for a pure expression of love and support with this soul alignment work.

Please note: Due to ethical constraints, this program only works with ancestors who have passed on because I can get their consent fully within shamanic reality.  However, the healing may provide relief to all living descendants.  If you were adopted, please let me know as both your biological lineage and adoptive lineage are both a part of your ancestral legacy.

Journey 1: Spirit Release Work, Soul Retrieval, and Shamanic Healing for your ancestors who’ve passed on.  This work dives into helping those of your ancestors who remained earth bound (or had a soul fragment remain behind).  It also goes into healing pain or patterns that they are still holding onto.

Journey 2: Clear painful patterns and ancestral karma.  This journey works with your energy field to sort your ancestral legacy and dismantle and remove the stuff that doesn’t serve.  I will work with the guides to clear patterns of pain and energetic burdens you may be carrying from your ancestors.

Journey 3: Receive the Gifts.  This journey is about making sure you have access to all the good stuff from your ancestors.  It helps to align the ancestral support in a way that’s supportive for you.  It also helps the wonderful qualities that came from your lineage to be available to you.

Journey 4: Call in your Spiritual Ancestors.  Up until now, we’ve been working with our biological (and adoptive) linage.  This journey helps to connect you to your spiritual ancestors.  These may be ascended masters or archetypes.  For example, when I first did this journey on my own behalf, I was show that the Merlin linage is a part of my spiritual ancestral linage.  I’m not able to tell you your specific spiritual ancestors, but I will help you to be connected to them and therefore supported by them going forward.

Sacred Space- Be held by a team of guides 24/7 to help your soul release the burden of regret and your energy body to integrate that new clarity.  The team of guides provide ongoing nuanced support and help smooth out bumpiness that comes with healing and transformation.


  • An .mp3 about Ancestors from a shamanic perspective
  • A Guided Journey to send healing to your ancestors and release unhelpful legacies.
  • A Guided Journey to invite your ancestors to support you.

Cost: $127