Spa Day for the Chakras

Revitalize your energy centers with this chakra spa day.

Saturday, Oct 28


Image with text "Spa day for the chakras" with try with lavender and bath salts Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or simply in need of a reset? This Spa Day for the Chakras can help. Relax and receive as I work with the guides to align your energy centers to restore balance to your mind, body, and soul.

Receive a series of energetic treatments specifically designed to cleanse and harmonize each of your seven chakras.  No homework, login, or scheduling required.  The guides and I will take care of energetically bringing the work to you as you go on about your day.

Expand your inner harmony and your effectiveness in day-to-day life!


Treatments Include:

Chakra Cleanse- It’s easy for old, stagnant energy to build up in the chakras, dimming their light and effectiveness.  This treatment will work with the guides to gently clear this blocked and stuck energy.

Replenish your Light- This treatment pours personally calibrated energy into each of the chakras as well as your overall energy body.  Energetically filling up depleted places within you can lead to immediate relief and a feeling of well-being.  At a deeper level, it can provide healing and restoration for each chakra.

Align your Chakras- One of the things I’m most passionate about is having all the chakras playing for the same team.  This healing works with your core vibration to realign your chakras and bring them into aligned relationships with one another.

You’ll also receive an .mp3 describing the healing journeywork done on your behalf.

Bonus: Receive ongoing access to my Shamanic Chakra Intensive Explorations program.  This program has previously only been available to people in my 8-month chakra program.  You cannot purchase it.  If you want to learn more about the chakras and access guided journeys to support them as needed, this program is designed to support you.

Cost: $47