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Chakra Harmonizing Healing- free gift for checking out my other offers

Let me bribe you to spend a few minutes of your time checking out my upcoming offers and invite you to experience one of my group healings to see if it’s a match for you.

About the healing Chakra Harmonizing Healing: Often our chakras work independently rather than in harmony with the other chakras. In this healing, I’ll work to bring your chakras into relationship with one another. This allows them to continue to do their own work and also to seek a flow that is supportive of your energy system as a whole.For example, the heart wants to love everyone and everything. But if it focuses attention on those people who also align with your root chakra need for physical safety and your throat chakra need to be heard, as well as the solar plexus desire to have your boundaries respected, it’s a more joyful expression.

If you’d like to be included:

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Energy Body Upgrade:

Land Healing and Connection:

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Energy Body Upgrade- 7 days, 7 journeys

Land Healing and Connection- Just $25