Addiction Resolution Intensive

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Do you have something that you just can’t quite get out of relationship to, even though you want to and know it’s getting in the way of the life you want live?  Maybe it’s been hard to give up smoking or a particular drug.  Perhaps your alcohol consumption is higher than you’d wish.  Maybe you keep thinking about your ex and cycling back even though you know it only leads to tears.  Is the siren call of sugar or another specific food a problem for you?  If so, I’d love to help!

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Fall and Winter seem to be times when people struggle more with whatever they might be using in unbalanced ways to avoid feelings they don’t enjoy and feel something they prefer.  Sadly, ongoing struggle with an addiction can add shame to the equation and diminish self-esteem and your sense of self-efficacy.  There may be deeper work needed for you to fully resolve an addiction, but I have had a number of clients simply stop with a smoking or drug addiction after our work together.

How it works:

You pick one thing in your life where addictive tendencies show up and I will work with the guides to gently clear it out of your field and move you out of relationship to that thing.  Ideally, it’s something you can and want to diminish your relationship with, so things like food overall or general love addiction isn’t a good match for piece of the program because those are things that you need to stay in relationship to even if the current relationship is out of balance.

In addition, I’ll do healing and work with the guides to support resolution of whatever underlying issues currently get in the way of making the change to stop engaging with the thing in an out of balance way.  If you absolutely can’t pick one thing but feel addiction is impacting you in a broader sense, I can just do this part of the work on your behalf.

This program will include a series of four journeys, roughly one per week over four weeks.  I won’t do journey reports, as the work is personalized for each person.

Sacred Space: I’ll create a container with the guides to provide sacred space through the journey and 24/7 support in the background for the coming out of relationship to whatever you’ve chosen.

Domino Effect: I get that you may have a few things you’d like to break up with once and for all or at least bring to an alignment of easily sustained moderation.  But, by working with the one that’s giving you the most grief, it creates a map and a pathway forward for shifting relationship to other things over time.

Mental/Emotional Relationship: This program can be used even if you’ve managed to create abstinence on the physical level but are still needing a lot of willpower not to start up again.  The idea is to support disengagement and freedom from whatever most pulls at you when you’re tired or emotional that causes harm to your life overall.

It’s optional, but I highly recommend taking the time during this program to work on actively shifting the addiction.  You’ll have a huge amount of support to make a change in this time.

Note on the price: You may notice that this price point is much lower than usual for my intensives: 50-70% less, to be specific.  I’ve worked with addiction with many clients, and I know that sometimes this shows up along with more limited financial means.  Stress from money challenges certainly exacerbate addiction.  So, I wanted to offer some focused support at what I hope will be a highly affordable price point.  Other parts of my business have been thriving, which gives me more freedom to offer something I feel will make a difference at a hefty discount from my normal rates.

Other places I offer quality, focused shamanic support at a lower price point are my Patreon offer and Money Cultivation offer (for those who’ve done a soul retrieval with me).  And, of course, my podcast is free and contains my best shamanic wisdom.

Limit: 44 people (Once healing is sold out, I’ll remove the sign up link and note “sold out”. If the link is live, there’s still room for you!)

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Registration Closed:  Please join my mailing list to be notified if I offer this again.