Elegant Trauma Release

Let’s clear the energy of old trauma!

Shamanic Healing offers a powerful way to be free of painful past experiences.

poppy field at sunsetTrauma sucks. Not only is the actual experience miserable, but our brains have a misguided tendency to play endless re-runs of some of the most dreadful moments of our lives. Much as I loved math (former engineer here) I wish we’d skipped algebra in favor of a class on how to interrupt this brain function and not carry the unhappy thing we’ve survived in our body, mind, and spirit.

Will you give me the chance to take apart past pain that’s impacting your energy field? There’s so much emotional energy in a traumatic event, both in the moment and fed back in the remembering of it, that a ball of energy is often formed where the bad scene plays out again and again. Even if we aren’t thinking of it, it can be there, the vivid memory ready to be sparked by a random bit of stimulus. In extreme cases, this becomes the debilitating and extremely common PTSD, but I would argue that even at the lower levels, it takes from our joy and energy in the present moment of our lives.

In this healing, I’ll work with my team of guides to go back to those balls of energy that hold these awful scenes and dismantle them. This breaks an energetic circuit immediately, which helps the whole system to move towards healing and resolution.

One of the best parts of this is we’re simply and gently unplugging you from the influence of old trauma, so you don’t need to think about it, re-live it, or process it. This work is very gentle and reduces stimulation around pain points, rather than activating them.

Want more information and tips for working with this on your own?  Check out my podcast on the subject: https://practicalshamanism.libsyn.com/elegant-trauma-relief-with-shamanism

Add on to any Soul Retrieval or Shamanic Healing session!

Cost: $25 (available as an add on to session only)