Align Your Destiny Path- A Shamanic Intensive

Program begins May 1


Optimize the energy informing your future outcomes in areas of
Money, Health, Relationships, and Soul Purpose Expression!


I want to support you having a life that is happy in many aspects, that continues to uplevel and get better with time.

We have a great deal of information on lifestyle approaches, skill-sets, and psychological support for getting the outcomes we want.  This is different.  I want to work directly with your Energy Body and at the Soul Level.

Working at the Energy Body and Soul Level helps:

  • Remove unseen energetic patterns or obstacles that are thwarting your progress.
  • Strengthen your inner knowing, intuition, and team of guides to give you a strong, felt sense of where and how to move in your life for best results.
  • Build sustained destiny “momentum tunnels” that work to guide energy in helpful directions.

I adore getting to do destiny path work!  It can help harvest and actualize all the other inner and outer work we do to be healthy in our lives.  I hope you’ll join me!

Journey 1- Money Destiny Path Work.  This work supports upgrading destiny paths for your future money outcomes in a way that is aligned with your values and supportive to your overall life.

Journey 2- Health Destiny Path Work.  This work focuses on physical health and well-being that is sustained and continues to improve over time.

Journey 3- Relationships Destiny Path Work.  Whether we’re talking about romantic relationship, friendships, or successful teammates at work, having supportive, healthy relationships matters a lot to happiness.  This work helps you attract the right people with whom to experience life and to be able to relate in healthy, sustainable ways with that aligned tribe.

Journey 4- Soul Fulfillment Destiny Path Work.  While this may not be on the radar of many people, most of my clients want to feel aligned with their soul purpose and the bigger picture of their life experience.  This journey helps weave support for an incarnation that satisfies your soul into the fabric of everyday life.

Each journey will clear past pain, trauma, and patterning and work to align your destiny path towards upgraded outcomes in a given area in a way that harmonizes with the other areas.  We’re looking to get the guides help to clean up whatever is in the way energetically of you finding fulfillment in each area.  Then to anchor and strengthen energy towards the new, improved outcome.

Program includes:

  • Four shamanic journeys as described above with .mp3 journey reports.
  • Ongoing shamanic spaceholding with a team of guides to provide support. You’ll be held within sacred space for the intensive.

Important Note: I hope it’s obvious, but this work isn’t a substitute for right action and getting other kinds of healing and support.  These things also significantly inform your future outcomes.  However, I do believe you will see more serendipity, good luck, support, and opportunity, as well as increased clarity and greater results for your efforts from this shamanic work.

By the way: If you’re thinking about a Soul Retrieval, I highly recommend doing that work before the program as the available destiny paths are consistently improved overnight following that work.

The format: This work is based on energetic interventions and shamanic journeywork. In addition, each journey comes with a journey report that will teach you more about the topic and how you can engage more deeply with the healing offered should you wish.  Just sign up.  On May 1, I’ll connect you to the sacred space and begin doing the shamanic journeys.  After each journey, I’ll send you an .mp3 report.

Limit: 22 people

Cost: $127