Does Soul Retrieval Make You Tired?

Sometimes I’m asked if it’s normal to feel tired after a soul retrieval. I’m reluctant to categorize anything as “normal” because results and outcomes vary so widely from person to person. Sometimes, people find after a soul retrieval, they feel vital and energized.  However, on other occasions, the answer to “Does soul retrieval make you tired?” is yes.

When someone feels more tired after a soul retrieval session, it’s actually a very good sign. After receiving this kind of deep healing work, there’s often what I like to call “collateral healing”. When we receive our soul parts back along with the removal of structures and patterns that were harming our well-being, it opens the door for additional healing and transformation.  While everyone approaches soul retrieval differently, my highly comprehensive approach means there can be a lot of healing opportunities after the fact.

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When we clear energetic density and heaviness, the energy system often wants to continue detoxing and releasing old, outdated energy.  So, the short version to the question, “Does soul retrieval make you tired?” is that it can so do temporarily.

Does Soul Retrieval Make You TiredWe often think of healing as something we lead with our minds or actions.  Goodness knows there are many practices and activities that promote healing.  But we sometimes fail to account for the deep wisdom of the soul in knowing the pathway to thriving in wholeness.  Soul retrieval and shamanic healing, at their core, are energetic interventions.  They often remove things that are in the way of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing while returning so much of our creativity, resilience, and resourcefulness.  But we need to make space and time to allow this work and wisdom to unfold, which sometimes looks like some extra downtime following a soul retrieval.

When we’re in the midst of a deep healing and reorganization process, we don’t have as much external energy to run around the world. So, the tiredness you might feel after a soul retrieval is an important cue that your soul and human body need a little less stimulation and activity for a little while. The good news is that in very short order, you should have considerably more energy after a soul retrieval. But there may be an interval where there’s a need for some of your energy to go to integration and harvesting the benefits of the work.

Healing for anxiety within a session

In addition, one of the things I’m most geeky and passionate about supporting people within my shamanic healing work is calming the fight or flight system.  I have some great energetic interventions to shift ongoing stress and fear activation.  A number of my clients are either very sensitive or had a childhood that didn’t have enough safety; for example, abusive or neglectful parents, bullying at school, etc.  As such the baseline fight or flight can be elevated.

If this is part of the work that comes during your soul retrieval experience, your system may sigh a welcome breath of relief and cue your body that, at long last, the clear and present danger has finally passed. When your system decides that you’re no longer in immediate danger, it begins a lot of repair and healing processes. And when I say repair and healing processes, I’m not talking about the spiritual or esoteric. But rather turning on your immune system, balancing your digestive system, and helping your liver and kidneys heal and return to proper functionality.  This process of recovering and restoring physical health can result in your body suggesting that taking a nap would be an excellent choice.

Does Soul Retrieval make you tired? That can depend on your starting place.

I work with people from all walks of life, from young children to adults nearing the end of life. I help people who are functioning well and simply looking to go to the next level, as well as those who are struggling with major health challenges, addictions, and financial difficulties. Some of my clients are on disability for mental illness; others are enjoying a high level of material success.

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In choosing to take an approach that provides the most healing in a 90-minute session, I confess there’s more potential for feeling tired afterwards, some of that just from having a lot of messages from the guides to unpack. The most common response after I finish providing the journey report is, “Wow, that was a lot!”

For people whose lives are working pretty well at the baseline level and are simply looking to uplevel their health, happiness, and well-being, it can be easier to integrate this deep work. However, the foundation of mental, spiritual, and emotional health they’ve built may allow for this work to go deeper into some very elusive and stuck patterning. It’s not uncommon for my soul retrieval and healing work to take me into past lives to clear or remove a pattern that’s affecting the present. So deeper work requires more integration even for the seasoned seeker.  For the clients who have a very large gulf between what they’re experiencing now and what they want their life to look like, the odds of being tired after this deep work goes up.

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When you’re choosing a soul retrieval practitioner it’s good to pay attention to how much ground they cover in a single session. My work is unapologetically extensive, so it’s wise to allow downtime and integration time after a session.  If you find you don’t need it, found time that isn’t committed to anything is a lovely outcome.  I’m not sure that soul retrieval work, by its nature, would ever be particularly light or minimal, but some practitioners retrieve only a soul part or two at a time, meaning there’s less to integrate.

How long does the tiredness last?

When looking at the question, “Does soul retrieval make you tired?” it’s important to also consider the duration. Thankfully, the experience of feeling tired should be fairly short term.  48-72 hours for deep healing would be reasonable, assuming you allow yourself the rest and downtime your system is asking for.  It may be a bit longer if there’s a lot of physical healing due to the fight or flight system switching to thrive mode.  If the soul retrieval resolves something that has been preventing much-needed physical healing, the feeling of fatigue may last longer.

Should you worry if you don’t feel tired after a soul retrieval?

Not at all!  Sensitivity to energy varies widely and how much someone feels in the moment is not a good way to predict the long-term benefits.  I’ve had several clients come back to me surprised that it worked so profoundly to address specific, stubborn issues.  Prior to the results, they didn’t quite believe in it and didn’t feel anything until a while afterwards, when they saw dramatic changes.  Also, people with experience with integrating energetic healing may have a less noticeable process following the work.

My Soul Retrievals are a very gentle process, despite the potential for feeling tired afterwards.

Shamanism has been called the Path of Lightning.  This form of healing can potentially shift things nearly overnight that might take years in therapy, especially if someone has other supportive practices and is willing to release outdated perspectives.  It’s a very powerful form of healing.  That being said, while you may experience tiredness, if you ask any of my clients, “Does soul retrieval make you tired?” they will seldom report any challenges that are more complicated than this.  Big emotional or physical reactions seldom arise, barring extenuating circumstances.  That said, I recommend against using my soul retrieval work as a crisis intervention strategy.  The work serves the long game of helping you thrive in your life and quickly improving your soul level well-being.

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If someone is navigating severe challenges, this work may not be able to address these issues as fully as we’d both wish.  For example, while it might help on the healing journey, it’s unlikely to be one stop shopping to relieve the symptoms that led to a schizophrenia diagnosis.  Results may vary for people with severe mental illness, addiction, or other difficulties.  These complexities are beyond the scope of this article.

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Does soul retrieval make you tired

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