The Energy Body Illumination

A Two Month Shamanic Intensive with Eight Healing Journeys!- Just $97

Let me work with my guides to heal and strengthen your energy body.

Starts November 1

You know how sometimes people experience life as an uphill battle rather than a gift and an adventure?  Well, when your energy body is vital, healthy, and functioning properly, life is more likely to feel joyful, inspired, and filled with wonder and less like something to be gotten through.  Our vitality is far greater without the hidden drains on our life force energy that this program addresses.

We learn great things about how to care for our physical body, but few of us know how to tend or troubleshoot what’s going on in our energy body.  As a former engineer, turned shamanic practitioner with almost 20 years of experience, I’m deeply fascinated by the system integrity of the human design.  Best of all, you can just relax and receive the work!  No homework required to get results!

Receive eight healing journeys over two months:

Journey 1- Repair rips and tears in auric field
Journey 2- Extraction- this work removes energies that aren’t yours that have become lodged in the energy body.
Journey 3- Be Human- our energy body is more mutable than the physical body so sometimes it shifts towards the configuration it would have if we were just in spirit or if we were, say, a tree.  This work reminds the energy body to align with the configuration most effective for the human experience.
Journey 4- Cord Cutting- keep the loving heart cords, but let’s clear out the connections to other that deplete or drain your energy.
Journey 5- Clear and Sooth the Emotional Matrix
Journey 6- Lines of Light- this work helps to clarify and unblock meridians or energetic pathways.
Journey 7- Past Life Pain Begone- Let’s remove imprints of past life suffering
Journey 8- Chakra Power Centers- Activate!- Bring the chakras fully online to support this new, upgraded, luminous energy body.

In addition, you’ll be held in sacred space for the entire two months, with the guides working in the background to support you.

Bonus #1- Two Recordings on managing energetic sensitivity
Bonus #2- Guided Shamanic Journey and Background information on using the Eight Chakra to call back your energy.
Bonus #3- Universal Download Guided Journey
While the guides always offer suggestions for how to explore further, you’re invited to just relax into this program and receive healing.  There’s no required homework, just some deep, background support.

The format: This work is based on energetic interventions and shamanic journeywork. In addition, each journey comes with a journey report that will teach you more about the topic and how you can engage more deeply with the healing offered should you wish.  Just sign up.  On November 1, I’ll connect you to the sacred space and begin doing the shamanic journeys, generally one per week.  After each journey, I’ll send you an .mp3 report.

Recommendation: If you haven’t already, it would be good to get a soul retrieval before beginning this program.  It’s not required, but your energy body will be far healthier and easier to sustain if you’ve reclaimed your soul parts.  More info here:

Pay in full: $97
Payment plan: $55/month
Discount for those in current Chakra Intensive Program or if you sign up now for the one starting in March: $35/month

Payment Plan: $55/month

Discount for those in the Shamanic Chakra Intensive: $35/month