Land Healing and Connection Intensive

Come into harmony with the land where you live!

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No homework required (unless you want to do some)

This journey is the most comprehensive, multilayered shamanic land healing I’ve ever offered!  It includes extensive healing for the land you live on.  And, it will help you to be held and supported by that land.  I’m looking forward to taking a deep dive and doing far-reaching shamanic healing over the course of this intensive.

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For our ancestors, being in right relationship and grace with the land was one of their most central concerns.  Let me help you access that wisdom and alignment.  In the modern time, people don’t ask the guardians and spirits of the land for their blessings to build homes and other structures.  Ceremony and offerings aren’t made to the land when people come to live upon it.  At best, these leaves us disconnected from the magic and protection of the land guardians.  At worst, we live on land that is actively annoyed with the presence of people.

Happily, these kind of relationships can usually be improved and repaired.  This healing will work with land healing where you live.  I will ask the guardian of the land to watch over and protect you.

In addition, you’ll receive a bonus .mp3 with information about how you can come into right relationship with your land guardian and sustain and nurture that flow.  While the gifts of the modern era lessen our vulnerability in the natural world, I would argue that the health and well-being of our soul is still deeply impacted by healthy relationship to the land we live on.

Shamanic Journeys for the Land will include*:

Soul Retrieval for the Land- There’s a version of soul loss that can occur when land is disrupted.  Often, once things settle down, the land’s essential energy can be restored.

Clear the Karma- Many people didn’t play nice with each other in the past.  One of the many reasons I adore Iceland is that it’s one of the few places on the planet that doesn’t have the history of the indigenous people being harmed and driven out by new arrivals.  I’d love to help clean up imprints of conflict and suffering that can linger long after the actual events.

Spirit Release Work- We just don’t have enough people skilled in helping souls find their way after death in the modern era.  I will see if there are earthbound spirits (or soul fragments left behind) in your immediate area that could use some help finding their way.

*Journeys are subject to permission from the local land guardian.  I always ask permission for land healing, so I don’t know what work will be welcome and invited.  That being said, I can’t recall a time when my offers of healing support were declined.  And, I may be invited to help with healing in specific ways beyond the interventions listed here.

Shamanic support for you will include:

Connection to a new power animal to help you relate effectively to the land you live on and to provide protection for your home.  I’ll email you personally to let you know what animal comes in for you!

Work with the local land guardian(s) to provide you with protection and support.  The land healing I’ll be doing is an offering to this guardian and often opens the door for you to come under the care and goodwill of the land spirits.

Support for you to come into a deeper energetic relationship with the land.

Deeper roots and protection if the land just has too much complexity to nourish you.  Sometimes the land isn’t available to come into a positive relationship within the scope of the healing offered here.  If that’s the case, I’ll work with a guide or guides to come in to protect you from the land energy that isn’t optimal and to help you connect more deeply into the land below the level where human disruption has caused issues.

Program includes: 

A series of four journeys with personalized shamanic work on behalf of you and the land you live on as described above.

Please note: Because this work is so personalized, I may or may not provide journey reports.  However, I will share the identity of your power animal and with the bonus, you’ll receive my land connection and healing program to allow you to learn more.

What I need from you…

Email me about where you live.  Are you in a house? An apartment? How great is the urban density where you are?  Any thoughts or feelings about the land?  Any ways that you’re already connecting?  Share briefly or in detail about the land you live on so I can further focus and personalize the work.


Bonus: My Land Connection and Healing course in my academy to help you develop right relationship with the land you live on and deepen your energetic connection and support over time.

What if I’m moving soon?  If you’re moving this month, you may want to hold off on this.  But if it’s longer than that, it will support you to be supported by the land even if you’re not staying.  By coming into relationship with the land and the guardian, you gain wisdom and energetic pathways to be in right relationship to land even if you move somewhere else.  In other words, it will be easier to have a good relationship to the land in a new place if you’ve received this work.

Limit: 22 people

Cost: $127