Gather your Magic, Transform your Life

This is an amazing way to use one on one shamanic work to attain your goals!

The group offer is complete, but you can get this type of support in a private session at the normal session cost!

To book this healing, make sure you’ve completed a soul retrieval with me.  After that, you can Book a Shamanic Healing Session and let me know this is what you’d like to receive.

When we embark on a new endeavor or life change, it’s helpful to on the support of a team of guides. This offer is for people who are taking action towards a new outcome and who want powerful and dynamic energetic support.

The journey will include:

  • Calling in of a team of guides to support you in your efforts.
  • Installing the blueprint of your desire into your energy field and reinforcing that energy throughout the program.
  • Juicing up the fire in the belly for manifestation and sustained right action
  • Personal messages regarding your new endeavor.
  • Understanding and dismantling of blocks, energetic or psychological, that are in the way.
  • Illumination and strengthening of the destiny path towards success in your new undertaking.

This work is helpful for things like:

  • A physical healing or lifestyle change
  • Looking for a new job or starting a new schooling/training program
  • Kicking an addiction
  • Starting a business
  • Buying a house or planning a move
  • Starting a new sport or hobby
  • Shifting a chronic emotional state
  • Writing a book

Prerequisite- soul retrieval session with me.