Gather your Magic, Transform your Life

Get Personalized Shamanic Support for a Life Change or Project

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Because of the personal shamanic journey and report, I’m only offering 15 spaces, so I encourage you to sign up early as it may sell out!


When we embark on a new endeavor or life change, it’s helpful to on the support of a team of guides.  Humans are hardwired such that we both long for and resist change.  Our soul may have the vision, but wrangling our human self to consistent, inspired, aligned action may prove more complicated.  Or perhaps a change is underway, a move, a new job, etc, and you want to line up the energy for ease and flow with optimized outcomes.

This program is unique because it will include a personalized, just for you, journey report, as well as all the group journey reports I usually share my intensives.

How it works:

  • After you sign up, email me about your desired life change, goal, or situation.  You’ll need to pick just one thing, but I’d love to hear as much or little detail as you want to share!
  • Within the month, I will do a personal journey for you to do individual healing/shamanic work and get messages from the guides about the way forward for your particular life transformation.  I’ll email you an .mp3 with this journey report.
  • You’ll also receive four .mp3 reports about the work that I share with everyone, per the series of shamanic healings detailed below.  As usual, I will work on you personally in each journey, but will only create one journey report with an overview of the shamanic work and messages in these four journeys.

Watch the video below for the 2018 version of Katie to share more about the why and how of this work!

The journey will include a series of four shamanic journeys that will cover the following:

  • Calling in of a team of guides to support you in your efforts.
  • Installing the blueprint of your desire into your energy field and reinforcing that energy in each journey.
  • Juicing up the fire in the belly for manifestation and sustained right action.
  • Dismantling of energetic blocks that are in the way of your optimal outcome.
  • Illumination and strengthening of the destiny path towards success in your new undertaking.

Program Includes Support in Sacred Space with a team of guides. Change can be scary!  You’ll be held and supported 24/7 throughout the intensive.

This work is helpful for things like:

  • A physical healing or lifestyle change
  • Looking for a new job or starting a new schooling/training program
  • Kicking an addiction
  • Starting a business
  • Buying a house or planning a move
  • Starting a new sport or hobby
  • Shifting a chronic emotional state
  • Writing a book

Limit: 15 people

Cost: $147

Sign up for my mailing list to get your invitation to this event when it’s next offered!