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Getting enough money flowing into your life with ease and grace can be complicated.  Even more so for those who tend to be sensitive to energy, deeply empathic, and/or for those who seek a purpose-driven life.  The goal of this program is to remove obstacles to money flow and to align your energetic body to support good money outcomes on an ongoing basis.

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Learn more about my journey with money from struggle to abundance in this video:

The short version is that after spending most of my adult life in struggle and stress about money, I decided it was time to play to my strengthens and engage in deep, consistent shamanic work to re-pattern this perpetual experience of stress and lack.  And it worked!  Three years later, I’m free from all debt and my savings grow, even as I live a very aligned and comfortable lifestyle.  I look forward to sharing this with you.

I’ve done over a hundred dedicated shamanic journeys over the last two years specifically about how to get to excellent money outcomes for spiritually inclined people in modern times. This is on top of all the other journeys to work with the guides on money outcomes throughout my more than 20 years working as a professional shamanic partitioner.  Consolidating that information and wisdom into one place has been super satisfying!

In taking counsel with the guides every week on how to create this in my own life and on behalf of my clients, I’ve learned that sustained, easeful money manifestation is a multilayered undertaking that involves nuanced alignment.  It can take some focused effort to dismantle chronic energy patterns that come from money stress and fear experienced over time.  But the life it frees you to live beyond money worry is so worth it!

Module 1: Enough Money with Ease. Clarify your vision.

Module 2: Activate the Three Laws of Manifestation for Money Flow.  Law of Attraction is one of them.

Module 3: Release past life vows of poverty and clean up past life trauma that blocks money from coming to you freely in this lifetime.

Module 4: Calm the Instincts to Activate your Wisdom and Magic around Money Flow.

Module 5: Clear the blocks! Dismantle energetic structures created by fear and stress from this lifetime around money.  Remove fears of receiving and family of origin patterning.

Module 6: Contemporary money interface and activation.  Align with the most up-to-date energetic patterns of success for money flow that are ethical and empowering for everyone involved.

Module 7: Create a “Manifestation Machine” to work on money flow in the background 24/7.

Module 8: Open Money Channels.

Module 9: Install the blueprint of sustained financial success.

Module 10: Chakra Alignment.  Work with each chakras so their authentic expression also aligns with good money outcomes.

Module 11: Destiny Path Activation for a life of grace and abundance at the material level.


Bonus #1: How to Manifest Money and Other Good Things with Shamanism .mp3 recording.

Bonus #2: Ten Journey Reports from my Money Cultivation Program.

Cost: $97

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