Clear Soul Contracts, Oaths, and Swearings

This healing offer is complete, but understanding this topic and how to work with it can support your healing journey.

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The contracts we set up and the oaths we swear in this lifetime and others have an unseen impact on our lives. Our intentions define how we interact with the world and shapes our relationship and what we receive from the universe. Whenever we make a vow, promise, or oath with the full weight of our passion and intention behind it, be it to ourselves or to someone else, the universe takes us at our word and supports us in manifesting that oath.

I’m not against being committed to things, but I would love to free us from the binds of outdated swearings based on other circumstances.  For example, out vows of poverty or celibacy or multi-life commitments to souls that aren’t a good match.  This even includes promises made to your ex.  Our outdated, misaligned oaths and loyalties create a hidden binding that limits our freedom and ability to align our life with who we are now.

In this seven week program, I will use the 7 chakras to clear and release vows at each level of our experience.  For example, the solar plexus work will support clearing of agreements we made to take on someone else’s idea of who we should be in the world.  By spacing out the journeys, we have time to gently integrate deep shifts and changes as we free up choice and life energy at each level.

Be loyal to what you choose now, not to the outdates promises of another version of yourself in another lifetime.

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