Power Retrieval Add-On

Reconnect and activate your primal, personal power.


Night cityscape with the strong lightning

Many years ago, I was in a shamanic journey, doing a soul retrieval for a client, when my guides said, “This man needs a power retrieval as well as soul retrieval.”  The guides proceeded to walk me through a process to help restore his personal power.

In the same way challenging life events can cause soul loss, many people experience significant power loss. While on average we’re raising children with more power and voice than ever before, there’s still much to be desired. Few adult survivors of childhood have a dynamic and easeful relationship to personal power. At least not without a fair bit of inner work.

I’d like to help. Much as I retrieve people’s essence or soul parts in my Soul Retrieval work, I’d like to offer you a Power Retrieval session add-on. The intent is to reconnect you to your personal power and to provide healing to support you in accessing this energy in a balanced way.

Want to learn more about Power Retrieval?  Check out my article.

Cost: $25 (available as an add on to session only)