Regret Resolution- A Shamanic Intensive

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A One Month Journey

(Note: Bonuses are included in the main program at no extra cost)

Traditional shamanic healing for modern mental and emotional health!  This offer will be especially supportive for those who also resonate to the wisdom of people like Brene Brown.

Look for the Collateral Healing- In addition to the direct benefits, this work can have the side effect of freeing up life energy, increasing positive self-regard, activating a sense of self-efficacy, resourcefulness, and adventure, as well as expanding self-trust and restoring personal power.

River scene at dawn with "Regret Resolution Shamanic Intensive" text over image.

Somewhere between the “no regrets” approach of an unexamined life and wallowing in the pain of “if only”, is the opportunity to gather the useful information, course correct as needed, and increase happiness and fulfillment going forward.

If you feel like you have no regrets and that’s not the result of working through regrets as they arise, you are probably suppressing and avoiding a part of yourself.  I love working with what we disown, numb, or push away because it frees up massive amounts of life force energy and freedom when we relax into including those aspects of self.  Getting there doesn’t have to include massive emotional angst!  And, if you’re already good at right relationship to regret, then the shamanic clearing and cleanup will leave you lighter and give you the full benefit of the inner work you’ve done in this area.

I’d love to support the energetic cleanup of old, stagnant regret that didn’t get the chance to reach peaceful resolution.  When our minds shy away from the uncomfortable feeling of regret, we don’t gather the feedback that tells us what we most want in the world.  In addition, if it’s too painful to think about, we don’t learn from our past choices, often dooming ourselves to repeating the same behaviors while hoping and longing for different results.  In fact, unexamined and unresolved regret may block you from taking joyful, inspired action now.  By clearing the pain and distress held in your energy body, your mind will have an easier time seeing yourself with kind eyes and sorting through useful information in this emotion.

A healthy psychological and emotional approach to regret with practical steps forward is beautifully detailed by Daniel Pink.  You can read his article here:, watch his Ted membership talk here:, or check out his book or podcast interview with Brene Brown.

My work is designed to provide shamanic healing and clean up to address the four areas in which people most often feel regret.  In unburdening your energy field, it’s easier to feel more freedom and choice moving forward.  As with most of my intensives, you can dive in with some suggested homework or just choose to let the guides and I work on your behalf in the background.

Journey 1- Foundation Regrets- If only I’d saved more money, gotten more education, or taken care of my health better are good examples.  By processing these regrets, you free your energy and resourcefulness up to make a pivot in your life designed to shift whatever life circumstances you realize you’d prefer to create going forward.

Journey 2- Boldness Regrets– Studies tell us that as we get older, people more often regret things they didn’t do than things they did.  (Although for folks in their early 20’s, it’s about 50/50 for regretting action vs. inaction.)   I believe the right level of boldness in taking chances (like asking someone out, speaking up, or taking a trip that edges you out of your comfort zone) is a nuanced and complex equation that varies from person to person.  The clarity that comes from dialog with this regret can help us calibrate.  I get best results when my inner adventurer and the part of me that is supported by known outcomes and closure can be persuaded to hold hands and play nice together.

Journey 3- Moral Regrets– While it’s good to make amends if available and clean up messes, I believe it’s ultimately important to give ourselves a clean slate.  Ideally, we honor the learning of what moving though the world outside our ethical lines costs us.  Retroactive compassion for all concerned, ourselves included, seems ideal.  It hurts my heart to see good people whose sense of self-esteem is diminished by actions taken a long time ago by a different version of themselves.  If your current behavior doesn’t match your ethics, that’s a different conversation.  But, let’s clear out and dismantle the energy you carry from the transgression that are long past.

Journey 4- Connection Regrets– The busy pace of life often makes it hard to sustain connections.  It’s okay if relationships simply run their course.  But studies tell us that simply drifting apart is a place that holds a lot of human regret, throughout the world.  Getting clear about being in choice from your side about how you tend connection requires the clarification of what relationship ends feel aligned and which you regret not tending.  Of course, with human relating, it’s not all up to us.  But regret is specifically about pain for what we did or didn’t do, not disappointment if someone else chooses not to engage.  Let’s clean out this old pain so that we can nurture the garden of our current relationships from a place of all our personally accumulated life wisdom on the subject.

Sacred Space- Be held by a team of guides 24/7 to help your soul release the burden of regret and your energy body to integrate that new clarity.  The team of guides provide ongoing nuanced support and help smooth out bumpiness that comes with healing and transformation.  Sacred space is available July 1 – 31.

Bonus #1: Past Life Regret Clearing- even if our minds don’t recall, sometimes our souls carry the burden of unresolved regrets of past lives.  Clearing this soul pain helps you thrive in this lifetime and not explore patterns of past pain in the here and now.

Bonus #2: Chakra Clearing- this journey will work with each of your main chakras to facilitate the release of the organized energy of pain from old regret.  We want to keep the information and guiding compass of which ways of moving through the world align for us.  But let’s work to uplevel it to wisdom instead of reactive pain.

Program includes:

  • Four shamanic journeys as described above with .mp3 journey reports.
  • Ongoing shamanic spaceholding with a team of guides to provide support. You’ll be held within sacred space for the intensive.
  • Two Bonuses.

The format: This work is based on energetic interventions and shamanic journeywork. In addition, each journey comes with a journey report that will teach you more about the topic and how you can engage more deeply with the healing offered should you wish.  Just sign up.  On July 1, I’ll connect you to the sacred space and begin doing the shamanic journeys.  After each journey, I’ll send you an .mp3 report.

Limit: 22 people

Full Program Including Bonuses: $147

Just the Bonuses: $55

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