Shamanic Money Transformation Intensive- 7 days, 7 journeys

Shamanic Money Transformation Intensive- 7 days, 7 journeys

Program begins Thursday, June 15

I’m ready to be done with the energy leak and stress that comes with ongoing worry about money.  To this end, I’m going to do seven shamanic journeys in seven days to invite intensive, in depth healing around the energetic aspects of this issue.

Because I’ve selected an unconventional livelihood, I want to make sure everything about my energy body is highly aligned to invite in abundance, ease, and comfort in my physical experience.  I want to reclaim the energy I lose by fretting about money while inviting money, opportunities, and possibilities to flow into my life with grace and ease.

This intensive may include past life healing, ancestral healing, and chakra healing.  But I’ll be leaving the choices of healing to the guides.

I hope you’ll consider joining me!  I know that many of us deal with this issue and, in my heart of heart, my prayer is that we all be free of money stress, living in a bone deep sense of safety and abundance.

Note: At its core, this work is about aligning our soul and energy body with being fully supported in the material aspects of the world, so even if your flow of money isn’t your issue, the work will still provide greater health and alignment.

Cost: $36