The Shamanic Tune Up

The Shamanic Tune Up

This healing is for those who’ve had a soul retrieval with me.  It’s a good way to get a tune up and some in depth energetic maintenance.


Healing includes:

  • Soul Retrieval checkup, with retrieval work if parts have left.
  • Reweaving and repair of rips or tears in auric field.
  • Check in with higher self for update of soul contracts and intentions.
  • Review of and repair/upgrades as needed for connections to the earth and to source.
  • Entity Removal if needed.
  • New Power Animals
  • Soul Note Illumination Healing
  • Other general energetic checkup and healing work.

Cost: $75 (email version), $85 (phone/skype), $95 (in person)

This session can be done via email or over the phone.

Click here to sign up for the email version of this healing ($75):


To sign up for the phone version, please go to the Book a Session page and sign up for a “Shamanic Healing” session. Just let me know that it is for this offer.