Unleash Magnetism: Manifest Money, Health, Happiness

Plus, Ignite Your Magic and Inspiration!

Two-week program- Just $45

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Are you feeling fear or stress or just frustration as far as getting the results you want?  These not only diminish our mental capacity for creativity and resourcefulness, but also decrease our personal magic and manifestation ability.

sunset over mountains

I’d love to work with the guides to help create improved results in the areas of:

  • Money

  • Health

  • Happiness

sunset strikes only top of mountain, leaving the rest in shadowShamanic Activation #1- Increase your inspiration!

In this process, I will work with the guides to activate the flow of inspiration from both your higher self and your guides to help you come up with new, more elegant solutions to chronic challenges.  You might suddenly find the perfect podcast or article that offers a better approach or wake up from a dream with a new idea.  Perhaps you’ll simply find yourself taking right action without struggle.

The more connected we are to our spiritual guidance and higher self, the less influence and intensity our earnest but fearful and misguided instincts will exert on our lives.  Meaning that we see more options and can make wiser, more holistic choices.  Which, in turn, improves our outcomes, often by leaps and bounds.

Shamanic Activation #2: Increase your magnetism and manifestation magic!

I’ll work with attuning your energy field and aligning your guides to work on magnetizing in the things that will support you.  Perhaps you’ll cross paths with someone who offers you a fantastic job or knows how to treat a stubborn health condition.  In this time of information overload and so many people, we want to sort out and illuminate the things that are helpful to our outcomes.  Aligning the law of attraction in your field and asking the guides to work on your behalf to further scout and draw in opportunities can make a huge difference.  Plus, this work will help you look up and notice things that will support you!

Program includes:

  • Three Shamanic Journey- One focused on Money, one for Health, and finally, one for Happiness. Each journey will include Shamanic Activations #1 and #2 described above.
  • Sacred Space- I’ll create a container with the guides to provide sacred space through this program.  This offers 24/7 support in the background.

Please note: I won’t be creating journey reports.  This allows me to reduce the program price significantly and those who want more information can book a one-on-one session for personalized messages.

Special Course Discount: Since I’m not providing journey reports, I’m offering a 50% discount on the courses in my Academyhttps://academy.handsoverheart.com/  Just email me by Dec. 19  if you want to take advantage of this offer.

Limit: 22 people

Cost: $45