Protect your Home

Let me help you get the right energetic protections in place for your home!  The following video is meant to provide information on how to work with this topic and why it’s important.  It should support you in either a “do it yourself” approach or prepare you to work with me on this.  If you’d like to do this on your own, I recommend Ted Andrews book “Psychic Protection”.  The “Banishing Ritual” found on page 204 is the most effective, beginner friendly approach I’ve come across.  It’s a wiccan style ritual.  Done regularly in the beginning then occasionally for maintenance, this is an extremely effective way to clear your space and create a powerful, protective filter.  If you work with me, I do the work using a completely different approach directly in shamanic journey, it’s just not something I can teach to someone who isn’t already adapt and shamanic journey so I suggest the Ted Andrew’s method.

This offer includes:

  • Setting up wards (wards are the energetic barriers that filter energy and protect your home)
  • Installing a privacy shield (this is one of my personal additions to the structure of wards)
  • Connecting with the land guardian and inviting their protection and blessings
  • Identifying a Power Animal guardian for the home
  • Space Clearing

What I need from you:

  • Prior to the session, please watch the video above.
  • Select and place the objects you choose to use to physical anchor the wards as discussed in the video.
  • Book a one hour phone or Skype session (use the “pay later” option when booking, since the session is included in the price)
  • After the session, be willing to do a short guided journey (.mp3 included) to work with your wards 2-3 times in the first month and once a month thereafter.

Other bonus stuff that’s included:

  • An .mp3 about setting and maintaining the energy in your bedroom for good sleep (from the House to Haven program)
  • Wards .mp3 (from the House to Haven program)
  • Land Connection and Healing .mp3 and guided journey
  • Shamanic Hygiene and Space Clearing .mp3 and guided journey
  • Feng Shui space clearing remedy video
  • Sacred Travel- Practical Shamanism for Your Vacations and Vision Quests- this ebook in .pdf format includes information on wards and protections for when you travel, as well as more on connecting with the land.

Short on money or just a big fan of “do it yourself”?  I recommend Ted Andrew’s book, “Psychic Protection,” to walk you through a process for how to do this work on your own.  It’s vital for energetically sensitive and spiritually inclined people to live in energetically protected space. So, whether you work with me or take another approach, please tend to this aspect of your home.

Prerequisite: Soul Retrieval Session with me.

Cost: $195

Protect your Home