Shamanic Weight Loss

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You know how some amazing, heart-centered people have a longing to carry less weight but feel hopeless because everything they’ve tried has failed?

This program is designed to help you lose weight gracefully and to keep it off without struggle. What people often don’t understand is that sometimes aspects of ourselves have a misguided idea they are helping us, or even working to save our life, with behaviors that cause us to gain weight rather than release it.  Most programs address only the physical and mental aspects of weight loss, completely omitting any work around soul patterns, energetic sensitivity, or past life healing.

If we’re at war Shamanic Weight Loss with Katie Weatherupwith ourselves to move the needle on the scale downward, no wonder it can be an exhausting, uphill journey in which we lose ground the minute our attention shifts to something else in life.  This program will help you understand the main gremlins that work against weight loss.  In this program, you will create healing and gain the skills that will allow you to wrangle each of them gracefully so they no longer have the power to run things in the background and sabotage your weight loss results.

It hurts my heart to see people who contribute so much good to the world suffer from reduced self-value or shame around this issue.  In addition to helping you release weight, this program will give you a massive boost in shaking off all that icky cultural nonsense that ties your value to your size.  You may have plenty of peaceful, life-affirming reasons for wanting to drop some physical pounds, but let’s ditch any shame or self-judgment around this aspect.  As you can see, I’m not exceptionally thin, but can smile and share a picture of myself in a bikini (no Photoshop alterations).  Let’s get in grace with our bodies while releasing pounds, instead of waiting until after we’re happy with the number on the scale.

Module Topics

Module 1: Calm the Instincts- trying to balance your body to a healthy weight when the instincts are activated is miserable.  They will howl for you to eat food that’s harmful to your health in large qualities.  Abstinence when instincts are active creates huge tension and hyper-focus on the thing you’re trying not to eat because the instincts believe you are more likely to die if you don’t eat the donut.  Get help calming the instincts and learn more about how to wrangle them before you start trying to wrangle your food choices.

Module 2: Energetic Sensitivity- I gained a lot of weight early, in part because of my unmanaged energetic sensitivity.  The world is psychically noisy for sensitive, intuitive people.  If you don’t know how to filter out the intensity and protect your delicate, nuanced energy system from external chaos, this need is often met with a dampening layer of fat.  It helps.  It really does.  That being said, I’d love to help you build better filters and shields so you don’t need extra physical weight to protect you.

Module 3: Pleasure- Adulting is hard!  By the time we’ve finished all the things we have to do, we’re often out of hours or energy to engage with things that feed our heart and soul.  Anyone who’s spent time with or near a toddler on a plane has heard the results of too much structure, behaving, and conforming over a period of time.  While adults are a bit more sophisticated, in essence, if we don’t get some pleasure out of a focused day, we get pretty darn grumpy.  Things like sugar, carbs, fat, and alcohol cause releases of dopamine and serotonin, happy hormones.  It’s a quick hack to give us a dose of pleasure, anytime/anywhere.  This journey will help open pathways to the full spectrum of healthy human pleasure (pathways that often become numb with disuse) and help you find ways to activate pleasure holisitically.

Module 4: Emotional Numbing- Get some shamanic work to clear the backlog of stuck emotions so that food isn’t calling to you to avoid feeling too much emotional stuff.

Module 5: Shame and Cultural Conditioning- The more you internalize shame and culture messages about weight, the harder it is to make a shift.  This is a nasty feedback loop that I’d love to help you to dismantle.

Module 6: Past Life Healing- Most of human history has had most humans suffering at one time or another over lack of food.  Past life starvation can impact your current relationship with food.  Let’s clear out history so you’re free to have an up-to-date experience of not need to carry extra weight as a protection against future lack.

Module 7: Install the blueprint- Sometimes we’ve done all the inner healing needed for weight loss, but somehow the weight doesn’t shift.  The human body defends stability as does the energy body.  By working on shifting the pattering and blueprint, we introduce new possibilities to your body to configure itself in a different way.

Module 8: Protection- sometimes too much attention feels unsafe and a few extra pounds, ironically, are a good way to diffuse unwanted focus.  This is especially true of needing sexual protection.  While people can be stunningly sexually attractive at any size, a larger size tends to diminish the amount of sexual objectification we find ourselves forced to deal with.

Complimentary Facebook Group: The Facebook group is open to women whether or not you join the program.  You can sign up here: The Facebook group is a place where I can share free content and for the members to support one another on this journey. Men are welcome in my Shamanic Weight Loss Program, but with so much gendered societal complexity around weight, I’m creating a specific container on Facebook.  (Note: I’m intending “women” to be inclusive of anyone who identifies as a woman.  Non-binary people are also welcome if you’ve mostly been perceived as female.)

Bonus #1- Navigating Big Emotions- get an .mp3 recording with some of my best wisdom for navigating deep emotional waters.
Bonus #2- Instinct Intervention .mp3- get some of my best wisdom for calming your fight or flight system.

The format: You’ll access this course through my brand new Academy of Practical Shamanism.  You can sign up here or there for the program.  You can work through the modules at your own pace, with a new one becoming available each week.  The basic modules are complete, but I’ll continue to add content over time.  You’ll have access to new materials as I release them.

Recommendation: Soul Retrieval session with me.  While it’s not required, it seems deeply unkind to ask yourself to lose weight if pieces of your core essence are missing.  Read more about soul retrieval here:

Cost: $97


The journeys topics sound amazing and relevant to my life, but I’m very happy with my weight.  Can I still receive?  Absolutely!  I recently did a program on building a life you truly love and giving up alcohol.  I seldom drink at all and never to excess, but I loved the approach so much, I wanted to be part of it.  Plus, I could find where I had things like eating too much sugar or drinking too much coffee that were impactful.  So, I joined and had a great experience.

Will it get results? In my experience, the speed with which pounds dissolve and the number of pounds released are deeply affected by two factors.

The first is the depth and complexity of what’s in the way.  If you are profoundly affected by shame, have extensive unresolved sexual trauma, and need some past life healing before you feel safe to be in the world without the protection of extra pounds, the journey will take a bit more loving care and healing than it would for someone who merely needs a bit more healthy pleasure in their lives and to do a gentle habit interrupt of an outdated way of relating to food.

The second factor is engagement.  If you’re fully engaged, taking the homework suggestions and perhaps pairing this program with other weight loss approaches, you’re going to see faster and more extensive results than someone in a similar place who takes this journey in a more relaxed, receptive way, using the modules as food for thought.  Both approaches or something in the middle are totally fine, but whether you devote active time and attention to the journey may make a difference in the external results.

Pay in full: $97