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Have you always felt a deep connection to the natural world?

Do you have a longing to learn ancient wisdom and healing practices that will help you in your everyday life?


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If so, consider a Golden Ticket to the Academy of Practical Shamanism.  You’ll have the opportunity to deepen your connection to spirit and learn practical shamanic skills to work with modern, everyday issues.  At an unbeatable price!

Courses cover a variety of topics from shamanic journeying to finding your soul purpose to finding a way forward in aligned livelihood.  You’ll learn psychic protection and how to replenish your energy with the help from the guides.

With this offer, you’ll get access to all the current courses with no time limit.  As long as I have the Academy, you’ll be able to access these courses.  Give yourself a full library of shamanic wisdom!

The Academy has over $800 worth of courses.  You’ll get them all for just $297.

These courses contain all by best wisdom from more than 20 years of experience of as a shamanic practitioner, working with thousands of private clients and students.  Courses are designed around the aspects of life where we most need support, transformation, and healing.  Make this the season to uplevel your connection to yourself and your guidance.

Check out the full academy and all the courses here:

Limit: 10 Tickets

Already have more than 50% of my courses?  Email me for personalized pricing to complete your library with the rest.

Cost: $800– Just $297


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