Self Study Programs

Get a series of .mp3s for shamanic training in a self-study format! 

  • Spiral Wisdom- Get the live recordings from my six month shamanic training program for a in depth study of shamanic journey. 
  • Shamanic Training .mp3s- Over six hours of shamanic training with guided journeys on a “pay what you can” basis.
  • Heal, Awaken, and Activate your Energy Body- My comprehensive guide to the energy body including navigating energetic sensitivity and psychic protection.
  • The Instinct Intervention- Lower stress, worry, and fear levels, while activating your primal magic!
  • House to Haven- Make your home your sanctuary!
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Spiral Wisdom

Get the live recordings from my six month shamanic training program for a self-study of shamanic journey.  The program is designed to allow you to:

  • Master the technique of shamanic journeying and learn how to apply it to your daily life.
  • Develop and strengthen your direct, personal connection to your spirit guides and the divine.
  • Learn skills for healing yourself and supporting others in their healing journey.
  • Heal soul wounds around power, sexuality, and embrace your shadow aspects.
  • Come into your power and embrace your unique gifts and abilities.
  • Release and heal wounds and patterns from past lives and ancestral lines.
  • Learn to walk in the world with right relationship and manifest the life you desire.


  • Twelve class recordings – most classes will include shamanic journeywork.
  • Ebook copy of Practical Shamanism.
  • Saturday Shamanic Journey class recording
  • Star Being and Outdoor class recordings

Topics include: Ancestral Healing, Past Lives, Power and Vibration, Shadow Work, Destiny Work, Inner Child Healing, Cord Cutting, Collective Consciousness, Dealing with Big Emotions, People Pleasing and Instinct Healing, And more….

Cost: $100


Heal, Awaken, and Activate your Energy Body- .mp3 content only

Please note: the video describes an intensive program I offer. This offer is for content .mp3s only.

This content is designed to assist you to:

  • Experience how a healthy energy body supports physical and emotional health and dramatically increases personal vitality.
  • Healing and an upgrade to your energy field. The work will help your energy field become more vibrant and healthy as well as better protected from any future damage or intrusions.
  • Gain the ability to direct your energy field in more nuanced ways. For most people, the energy field runs on autopilot, which is generally okay, since it has its own innate wisdom. However, for energetically sensitive people, the ability to dynamically and easily adjust aspects like energetic sensitivity or filters and shield for different situations can be incredibly helpful.
  • Identify and eliminate energy leaks.
  • Assemble a kick-ass tool box. By the end of the program, you’ll have a number of ways to work with your energy field. Furthermore, you’ll understand what techniques work best for you, personally. This can afford you a simple, efficient maintenance protocol.

Program includes:

  • Nine .mp3 recordings. Each .mp3 will provide training around an aspect of creating a vibrant, healthy energy body. It might be a specific tool or practice or a guided journey. For the guided journeys, I will include an explanation of the work, an extended version of the journey, and a 5 minutes-or-less version. Once you understand how to work with certain practices, you can do them very quickly with excellent results.
  • The .mp3 recordings from the in-person “Thriving with Energetic Sensitivity” class.

Please note, this offer is only for the .mp3 content for this Intensive Program.  It allows you to learn more about the topic and work with it on your own.  The personal sessions and shamanic work described in the video are not included.

Cost: $100

Extra help for Healing Practitioners!

This work is even more relevant in for holistic practitioners. If you’re working with people who are explicitly asking for healing, whether it takes the form of massage, counseling, medical, Reiki, or shamanic work, you’re dealing with people who may be feeling a need for more energy. Sometimes, unconsciously, clients can try to pull energy from the practitioner to meet their needs. Those of us who carry the archetype of the healer and who have cultivated bright, vibrant energetic fields are magnetic, both in general, but especially to those in need of healing. Using the tools I will be teaching, I don’t get energetically drained with my needy clients.

By learning to sense and feel your own energy field and to keep it vibrant and healthy, you’ll be in a much stronger position to navigate the energetic aspects of interacting with clients. In fact, if you cultivate the skill to read and scan your own energy field, you may find it even easier to read and scan your client’s energy field than it is to read your own. One of the questions I get asked most often by clients is how to have good energetic shields and protections. While I would ask that you not pass the recordings and videos from this course directly to your clients, the techniques are very simple and things that you can teach in your own practice. Even if you happen to naturally be really good at protecting and maintaining energetic boundaries and managing energetic sensitivity, if you’re working with others, having clear maps, step by step instructions and tools to offer others for what you do intuitively can be a great help.

Shamanic Training .mp3 offer

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The following offer is for over six hours of shamanic training on a “pay what you can” basis. This offering is for those who want to learn more about shamanism with an emphasis on personal healing and practical application to day to day life. No prior training or experience is needed, but there are suggestions for more advanced practitioners.

Many my students have different budgets to commit to shamanic training. Using the donation button, you can contribute whatever amount you can afford, with a $20 minimum. You’ll receive over six hours of shamanic training and guided journeys.

I also included some bonuses with extra journeys and calling in sacred space.


Shamanic Hygiene and Space Clearing
Energetically sensitive people benefit greatly from an environment with clean, clear energy. Being able to keep your personal energy field bright and clear makes a huge difference in your quality of life. This .mp3 will provide a straightforward guide to understanding the nature of your personal energy field and the energy of your space. I offer practical tips and tools for tending to your personal energy field. Learn how to protect and ward your home and keep it feeling good. The guided journey will support you in scanning and clearing your personal energy field.

How to Manifest Money and Other Good Things with Shamanism
Shamanic techniques provide a powerful way to manifest the things you desire. Learn about right alignment and the yin and yang or masculine and feminine approaches to manifestation. Invite guides to work on your behalf in bring your desires to fruition. Learn about possible blocks to manifestation and how to work with them. Find out how to get universal energy working on your behalf to manifest financial abundance and other good things.

Cord Cutting and Managing Energy with Other People
To the trained shamanic eye, there is a web of energy connecting us to the people in our lives. Sometimes this web is beautiful and shows golden heart cords connecting us to loved ones. Often, though, some of our connections are less healthy. The energy of co-dependency, for example, can look like cords plugged in taking energy from one person to another. How do we gracefully navigate people sending us energy we don’t want and how do we make sure we’re clean and responsible about how we send our energy to others? Learning to work with our energetic relationships to others can help those relationships come into healthier alignment on the emotional and physical levels.

Chakra Healing
Our chakras are the gateways between our personal energy field and universal energy. In my experience, most people’s chakras are only expression a portion of their full potential. Understanding the organizing principles of each chakra can help you understand how to live a balanced life, support and care for yourself on many levels, and understand how to realign when challenges arise whether they are mental, emotional, physical or in external circumstances. Even if you know a great deal about the chakra system, you will likely find new information in this recording. And, as with all my work, this recording is oriented towards practical applications.

Ancestral Healing
Being in right alignment with your ancestors can provide a profound source of assistance. When asked for support, our ancestors will line up, with our mother’s line behind one shoulder and our father’s line behind the other, offering strength, wisdom, and unconditional love. In working with our ancestors, we can offer a service to ourselves, those who came before, and all those who come after through healing family patterns and legacies. Sometimes family legacies of poverty, abuse, addiction, or pain can be hard to heal because the wound is anchored in all the living descendants, thus mirrored and reinforced in many ways. In most families, not all members hold the same level of commitment and desire to heal. Learn how to release yourself from your family wounds and patterns and invite in the unconditional love that can be held by those who came before.

Click here to make a donation (minimum $20 for full series):

The Instinct Intervention- A Shamanic Intensive

Lower stress, worry, and fear levels, while activating your primal magic!

Please note: the video describes a full intensive program.  This offer is for content .mp3s only.

Many people go through life with their fight or flight response constantly activated at a low level. This creates relentless low level fear and anxiety that seems “normal.” When the instincts are further activated by actual external stimulus, like scary moment while driving or a loud noise, the intensity spikes very high often remains activated.

The long-term activation of the stress-response system — and the subsequent overexposure to cortisol and other stress hormones — can disrupt almost all your body’s processes including the immune system. This puts you at increased risk of numerous health problems, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Digestive problems
  • Heart disease
  • Sleep problems
  • Weight gain
  • Memory and concentration impairment

The fight or flight response was incredibly useful for the survival of our hunter/gatherer ancestors. Yet, the fight or flight reaction combined with instincts that predispose us to see the world as a hostile, dangerous place, have become our most challenging ancestral inheritance.

People who are energetically sensitive and those who grew up in family environments that were emotionally and/or physically unsafe are often especially disadvantaged by an even greater intensity and constant activation of the fight or flight system.

This work is designed to help people to reorganize and transform the physiological and psychological burdens created by this legacy. Speaking from personal experience, one of the most positive changes in my life was learning to deactivate the fight or flight response when it gets turned on combined with setting my baseline to a much calmer and more peaceful place. I would love to help you do the same.

People often say, “Follow your instincts.” Our instincts can be amazing for helping us to identify unsafe situations or people. However, our instincts can also give us confusing and unhelpful messages, like “public speaking is very dangerous” or “make sure you please everyone, all the time.” And how do you distinguish the voice of your intuition and higher knowing from your survival fears? This program is designed to help you understand the messages from your instincts and learn how to differentiate that voice from other forms of intuition.

In this work you’ll gain:

  • Tools for self-soothing, quickly and effectively and the means to stop repetitive, painful mental loops.
  • Interventions to quickly turn off the fight or flight response when it is naturally activated by external stimulus.
  • A greater ability to feel safe in the world.

Offer includes:

  • Nine .mp3 recordings. Each .mp3 will provide training around a difference aspect of this journey.
  • Detailed program instructions with information about what homework practices are most important for maximum results.

Please note, this offer is only for the .mp3 content for this Intensive Program.  It allows you to learn more about the topic and work with it on your own.  The personal sessions and shamanic work described in the video are not included.

Cost: $100

House to Haven

Please note: video describes full intensive program.  This offer is for content .mp3s only.

“The home should be the treasure chest of living.” -Le Corbusier

When working with my energetically sensitive clients, I often have an awareness of what environment would support, nurture and sustain them with the greatest ease, grace, and joy. Their home would be profoundly protected, so that the psychic noisiness of the world would be held at bay, yet energetically clean and clear, with wonderful energies flowing through. The bedroom would feel peaceful and safe, sacred and nurturing. Their home environment would allow them to recharge and rest, not just on the physical level, but also the energetic. The home would become the optimal place from which to dream an inspired life into being.

One of the core principles of shamanism is that everything has life and spirit. It’s known as animism (from Latin anima, “breath, spirit, life”) and it’s the worldview that non-human entities—such as animals, plants, and inanimate objects—possess a spiritual essence. Furthermore, shamanism concerns itself with the idea of right relationship, meaning that when we are in right relationship to all around us, everything seems to conspire on our behalf. In the modern era, we have lives that are filled with interaction with objects, each with its own vibration and energy. Imagine a home filled only with objects that bring you joy and support you in your most luminous expression, each placed with care and intention in a manner that supports you. Now consider a closet with miscellaneous items piled in, some loved, some with painful memories, others retained because they might be needed in some improbable future scenario.

Most of us find it challenging to release past lives that reside in our garage. I’m offering this work to provide deep support in releasing the things that no longer serve and organizing and honoring the ones that do. Ironically, while energetic sensitive people are often most deeply impacted by a misaligned environment, we usually have the hardest time sorting and releasing our belongings. We feel the energetic imprints of the objects we handle (or we spend a lot of energy numbing that feeling). So, when we need to move or when organizing or cleaning, it’s easy to get bogged down, stuck and overwhelmed by the release and activation of old energies. I have been inspired to clean out a closet and some hours later found myself sitting in the middle of the chaos of my livingroom, staring blankly at the piles of objects.

Program includes:

  • Five .mp3 recordings on various aspects of the topic.
  • Bonus guided shamanic journeys on Shamanic Hygiene and Space Clearing

Please note, this offer is only for the .mp3 content for this Intensive Program.  It allows you to learn more about the topic and work with it on your own.  The personal sessions and shamanic work described in the video are not included.

Cost: $65